2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association, Annual Meeting, October 30, 2015
Mid Pac Country Club

These draft minutes will be shared via the ELRA website and reviewed again by the membership at the 2016 Annual Meeting.

Directors Present: Greg Colbert, Margaret Novack, Bob Molyneux, Rod Castanha, Michele Compton, Doug Kroll, George Lingle, Shannon Oshiro, Alan Richardson, Bob Tassie, Kelly Adams

Bob Bourke (Scientific advisor), Cindy Turner (Webmaster), Melody Spencer (Administrative Assistant)

Directors Absent: Stephen Kofsky

With guests present representing 39 households and with the additional proxies received, a quorum was declared and the meeting was called to order at 7:43pm. Minutes from 2014 were reviewed and confirmed.

Welcome/Board Introductions: 1st Vice President Margaret Novack welcomed the residents and introduced the current Board of Directors.

Immediate Business

  • ELRA vs. Delta Lawsuit: President Greg Colbert discussed the hillside soil runoff events which took place in 2010-2011 and the actions between Delta and the ELRA which ultimately led to a lawsuit. He also discussed the class action suit which was also filed. Picture documentation of the runoff and algae blooms were shown.
  • Mediation: The residents were informed of the tentative settlement which took place on July 20, 2015. Confidentiality was stressed to the members. He shared that the final agreement is in progress and explained the additional steps required to complete the settlement.
  • Class Action Suit: The residents were advised that they will be contacted by the class action attorneys, Alston, Hunt, Floyd and Ing regarding this suit.

Return of Special Assessments: The members were asked to vote on a recommendation of the board that all special assessments collected to support the litigation be returned to residents should the settlement proceed successfully and be funded.   Steve Brennan objected to the vote indicating that he did not believe that proper notice was given to residents. Greg explained previous discussions and the residents agreed to proceed with a voice vote. The vote was unanimous in favor of returning special assessments to residents should the settlement proceed successfully and be funded. (Note: Steve was later shown that the meeting announcement contained an advance notice that the vote would be taken.)

Election of Directors: Margaret Novack introduced the Board nominees and gave a brief bio of the candidates. Instructions on completing the ballots were given.

Future Direction

  • Strategic Plan: Greg Colbert discussed current and future efforts for firming up the association and improving lake health.
  • Sustainability & Extending the DPP: The upcoming 12/31/2016 expiration of the Declaration of Protective Provisions was reviewed with the membership.
  • ELRA & KCA Joint Objectives: Future objectives for strengthening relations between the ELRA and Kukilakila were shared. It was proposed that we have very similar objectives for helping assure the sustainability of the lake and that we should have good prospects for working together.
  • Dredging, Cleaning & Health: Discussion continued outlining the dredging of the Kukilakila boat ramp and options for potential future contractor cleaning of the lake.

Lake Maintenance & Security: Bob B. gave insight on the current health of the lake. He informed the residents that the water quality of the lake has improved due to improved exchange from the stream mouth and from temporary flow restoration from Kawainui Marsh. Improved stream mouth openings are due to better scheduling by the City. The restored flow from Kawainui Marsh was part of an experiment that will hopefully lead to the construction of a permanent flow restoration structure through the Kawainui flood control levee. The lake continues to be challenged by significant storm water sediment inflows from other construction sites in the watershed.

A permit has been obtained to dredge the base of the Kukilakila boat ramp. Goodfellow Brothers has volunteered the use of their equipment to conduct the dredging and will coordinate with Kukilakila to get this done before the end of the year. The permit to dredge 5,000+ cubic yards of sediment from the main channel at the lake exit has been tentatively granted but requires a couple more studies to be written to satisfy concerns voiced by NOAA and the USFWS. This dredging could occur as early as 2016.

Shannon Oshiro stated that he has received some reports of netting, but has not received too many security complaints. He shared that he will continue to work on lake maintenance with removal of the mangrove and any debris he sees in the water.

Community Relations: Michele Compton explained the concept of block captains with the residents and the motivation to improve communication amongst our community.

Current Operations: Finances and Budget: Treasurer Doug Kroll presented the summary of the budget for our current fiscal year.

Election of Board Members: Greg Colbert informed the members of the election results indicating that the following individuals were elected to the Board:


  • Robert Molyneux (currently serving)


  • Rod Castanha (currently serving)
  • Greg Colbert (currently serving)
  • Jean Compton
  • Jean Fernie
  • Gus Gustavson
  • Dick Vonier

The meeting was adjourned at 9:24 pm.