April 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association, Board Meeting April 12, 2012

Present: Sue Alden, Bob Bourke, Clem Clemmer, Cindy Turner, Darren Rogers Glenn Magyar, Rod Castanha, Franklin Denis

Absent: Bruce Jahnke, Kelo Maosi, Gus Gustavson, Kelly Adams, Don Young,Steve Brennan

With proxies from Kelly, Don and Gus, a quorum was declared and the meeting was called to order at 7:10pm

Approval of Minutes The minutes from the March 6, 2012 meeting were reviewed. There was a motion (Rod) and a second (Glenn) to accept the minutes. The motion passed.

Financial Report The profit and loss statement and balance statement were reviewed. Margie plans to send a third notice to delinquent residents next week. Checks for disbursements will be signed at the monthly meetings.

Old Business

Lake Health/siphon project/City Permit/Berm Opening The berm was open for 10 days last month with the heavy rains. The lake level is up and the algae has calmed down. There is an algae bloom of plankton. There was a recent note of 14 dead barracudas. Bob tried to get one to the lab for analysis but could not find a recently demised sample. A fish tagging system would have been helpful in this event. Bob is still working on getting tags.

City Councilman Ikaika Anderson will have a meeting is his office on April 17th at 10am to coordinate the berm opening. Rep. Cynthia Thielen and Rep.Chris Lee along with representatives from KNB, DOH, Federal and County offices will be in attendance. Board members are invited.

Development of wetland property adjacent to Kaelepulu Stream Cindy reports that the developer was having trenches dug during the recent rain event. This was reported to the Army Corp of Engineers and all activity has now stopped on the property. A wetland determination report is pending. An Army Corp map from 1970 designates the area as wetlands.

Amendments and By-laws Re-do Sue has met with Kathy Kelly and they are moving along on the by-law re-do. Cindy suggested that expectations for the Watch Officer be included.

Watch Officer’s report Karla emailed a report to Margie. One call of nets being laid was received. Kelo responded and removed four nets. One net contained a large seahorse which was released alive. Karla stated that the tree trimmers that trimmed palms as arranged through Bob have not been paid. Bob says all the rubbish has not been removed yet.

Facebook/Community outreach Bob attended the KNB meeting and gave updates on the Delta situation, berm openings progress, and Oceanit’s stream restoration project. Cindy expressed concern over a proposed bill that does not require an EIS for government projects.

Newsletter Articles for the next newsletter will include tornado stories, barracuda die off, berm opening progress and an article on Coots. A recently tagged coot from the wetlands showed up on Kauai.

The Lake meter was messed up by faulty equipment and will be replaced. Franklin plans to go to Kualoa next week to observe the oyster growing process.

The mangrove project is approaching completion with one or two clean-ups left. One will be held 4/21. A couple of spots are being saved for a joint project with the Hokulea in mid-June.

New Business

A Kukilakila resident that owes a large amount in back fees and penalties has asked for forgiveness of the penalties. As there are no extenuating circumstances the board decided that all fees and penalties will be collected in escrow.

Cindy has suggested that regular clean-ups be restarted. Bob is willing to put a crew together. It was also suggested that a sign go on the clean-up barge so residents are aware of the work being done. Cindy will also publish the clean-up dates in the newsletter so volunteers may participate. Cindy also mentioned aerators as possible algae prevention. Bob does not think they would work well.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm

Next Meeting

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
7pm Cindy’s House