April 2013 Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association, Board Meeting, April 24, 2013

Present: Alan Richardson, Greg Colbert, Bill Kinney,Franklin Denis, Bob Molyneux, Don Young, Gus Gustavson, Steve Brennan, Mike Mickelwait

Cindy Turner, Webmaster

Absent: Darren Rogers, Rod Castanha, Kelo Maosi ,Stephen Kofsky,Kelly Adams

Guest: Bob Twogood

A quorum was declared and the meeting called to order at 7:12pm

Bob Twogood: Bob was introduced and he presented a proposal to the Board. He owns Twogood Kayaks and discussed the current ban on commercial activity at Kai.ua Beach Park. He has been contacted by a mainland high school which would like to take 23 students on a kayak tour of the Mokulua Islands on May 21st. His proposal involves putting a string of kayaks in the Lake at the Kukilakila boat ramp and towing them to the mouth of the stream where the students would then begin their tour. Bob states the students are interested in performing a community service such as algae clean-up as part of their tour. He is willing to pay a membership fee but Gus pointed out that his business does not meet the criteria under the current by-laws. There was discussion of a couple of alternative sites for launching the kayaks. Following Mr. Twogood’s presentation, the board voted with 8 against the plan and one abstaining vote. Gus will notify Mr. Twogood of the results. Mr. Twogood also mentioned an alternative to berm openings which he feels adds to the sand loss at the Lanikai boat ramp area. His plan would involve a drain under the sand to regulate water levels and increase Lake flushing. Gus suggested that he and Bob Bourke should get together to discuss the plan.

Approval of Minutes The minutes from the March 11, 2013 meeting were reviewed. It was suggested that the line under Lake Health and will only add to the sand accumulation be removed. With this change, the minutes were approved.

Financial Report The Profit & Loss report and the current balances were reviewed. Alan suggested having an additional report prepared that would cover the past months intake and expenditures. Gus proposed that $5,000 be transferred from savings to checking. There was discussion about the November Special Meeting and the criteria now before the Board to request the special assessment ($250) that was voted for at that meeting. There was also some discussion about the voluntary payment assistance. It was felt that the voluntary payment needs more discussion prior to implementation. There was a motion (Alan) and a second (Bill) to put together a letter with the special assessment request at this time. The vote was 8 for and one opposed. The motion passed. Gus and Bob will work on the letter.

Election of Officers There was a motion (Greg) and a second (Bob) to present the following slate of officers for consideration: Gus Gustavson – President, Steve Brennan – Vice President, Bill Kinney – Treasurer, and Kelly Adams – Secretary. The motion passed unanimously.

Committee Gus requested a committee to review documents on membership as well as review and propose changes to by-laws. Specifically the questions concerning associate membership and mandatory maintenance fees need to be examined. Greg gave an in-depth background on the history behind some of the current policies. There was a motion( Steve) to have Greg research with Title Guaranty several different properties around the Lake. The association would allow up to $1000 in payment. With a second from Alan, the motion passed. Gus, Bob and Steve have agreed to participate on the committee.

New Business There was a posting on the website from the friends and family of a recently deceased Kukilakila resident. A fund is being collected as a memorial to Maxine Johnson and will be donated to ELRA.

Cindy reports a recent fish die-off (including large barracudas) which is probably related to low Lake levels following an untimely opening of the berm. She also reports on the Senate/House bill which has appropriated $800,000 for mangrove removal.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40pm

Next Meeting: To be announced.