April 2017 Minutes

Board of Directors Monthly Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Present:  G. Colbert, M. Novack, A. Richardson, B. Molyneux, B. Tassie, J. Fernie, J. Compton, D.      Vonier, S. Harding, G. Lingle, and M. Compton (via phone).

Absent:  G. Gustavson, S. Oshiro, R. Castanha, M. Spencer (Administrative Assistant), B. Bourke (Scientific Advisor), and C. Turner (Webmaster).

A quorum was called and the meeting was called to order at 7:02pm.

Approval of minutes:  The minutes of the March 21st, 2017 meeting were approved as corrected.

Finance Report:  A. Richardson reported that the response to the letter to pay delinquent annual maintenance fees before May 31 to avoid late fees was good.  Checks totaling $6,999 had been received.  A good portion was from residents who were very much in arrears.  Regarding the diversification of funds – we are waiting for approval to move $500,000 to a Capital One Money Market account for a better interest rate.  American Savings corrected their mistake in interest calculation and credited our account with the correct amount.  B. Tassie moved to accept the finance report.  It was seconded by G. Lingle.  The motion passed.

Strategic Plans:  M. Novack has arranged for us to use the free A & B meeting room for our monthly meetings starting in September for one year. The meeting will be returned to our previous second Tuesday of every month.  M. Novack asked Hawaii Kai Marina who did their cleanups.  They have their Safety Patrol boats remove large items and all residents are responsible for their own lake frontage. B. Tassie asked for an additional month to complete the light audit. G. Colbert asked M. Novack to talk to Matt Lim, our insurance agent, regarding specifics of our coverage.  New language for the fishing section of the ELRA handbook was discussed .  A Richardson moved we should publicize a “catch and release” policy.  B. Tassie seconded it and the motion passed.  M. Compton will work on this wording.   

Community Relations:  Both M. Compton and G. Lingle will be unavailable for the annual “4th  of July Flotilla” in the lake.  M. Novack will be the chair for this event.

Lake Maintenance:  G. Colbert is meeting with a cleanup service this Saturday.  He will explain the scope of work to them and they will submit a bid.  There are some coconut trees on City property across the canal from the sewage substation on Akumu Street.  They are not maintained (trimmed) and the fronds fall in the small canal and eventually end up in the lake.  D. Vonier will write a letter to the City requesting they remove these trees and also the mangroves by the substation.

Lake Security:  Mike Compton has been assisting with lake security. He has handed out 2 forms for boat registrations to residents without stickers.  He has agreed to assist S. Oshiro.    

Dredging:  On Wednesday, April 18th, there will be a meeting with James Adams, president of KCA, Oceanit, M. Novack, G. Colbert and S. Harding.  Oceanit will be asking for permission to use KCA’s ramp for one day to launch, survey and haul out.

By-Laws: Beverly Hiramatsu has not yet finished the new By-Laws.  It is now in the hands of her law clerk and we should expect something in two weeks.

Executive session was called by G. Colbert.

Next meeting date:  The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 at 7pm at St. John Lutheran Church.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:17pm.


Action List:  4/18/17

17/3-3     G. Colbert        Obtain estimate from B. Hiramatsu regarding revamping of our By-Laws.

17/3-4      B. Tassie          Conduct light audit of financial records.

17/4-1      M. Compton   Formulate “catch and release” wording for lake member handbook.

17/4-2      M. Novack       Research specifics of our insurance coverage with our agent.

17/4-3      D. Vonier          Write letter to City regarding their obligation to keep coconut trees on City property trimmed.  An alternative would be to remove them.