August 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting August 2, 2011

Present: Bob Bourke, Cal Clemmer, Cindy Turner, Rod Castanha, Kelly Adams, Sue Alden, Franklin Denis, Darren Rogers, Karla Maosi

Absent: Frank Schumann, Glenn Magyar, Bob Sanders, Steve Brennan, Kelo Maosi,

Guests: Ron Rickman, Nicole Stucki

With a proxies from Frank Schumann,Bob Sanders, Glenn Magyar and Steve Brennan, a quorum was declared and the meeting called to order at 7:05 pm

Approval of Minutes The minutes from the July 12, 2011 meeting were reviewed and approved without amendments except to clarify spelling of Koapa subdivision.

Financial Report Margie reports that we currently have $66,000 in the checking account. The response to the annual mailing has continued to be good with 153.3 paid fees of which 46 are from Kukilakila residents. We have sent out 80 nonpower boat decals and 20 power boat decals. The $32,000 CD was withdrawn and placed in a savings account. The Directors and Officers insurance premium remained the same as last year ($1604) and was paid. The property tax ($300) and the boat registration were also paid.

Lake Algae Clean-Up Bob B circulated a lake map which indicates which areas have been cleared of algae by Pono Pacific. They are approximately 50% finished. An invoice for $11.722 has been submitted and will be paid. Margie will leave the final payments with Kelly for job completion. Bob has been coordinating with Pono Pacific daily and the goal is to remove 20 cubic yards/day.

Delta Claim: There will be a meeting on Wednesday with the attorney, Bob B and Bob S to submit a total to Delta for the clean-up which includes $190,000 for 3 months of cleaning. A settlement would stipulate no further contamination of the Lake. Bob S has contacted American Marine for a dredging estimate.

Dredging Project/Federal Funds Ron Rickman received a letter from the Dept. of Business, Economic Development and Tourism stating that the Coastal Zone Management requires mitigation proposals and plans and monitoring plans for the permit. Ron will work on this.

City Permit/Berm Openings/Lake Health Bob B sent a letter to the Army Corp of Engineers and was told that the deadline for comments on the berm openings was last December. There is a permit ready to be signed but no bulldozer can be used. Work must be done with a long reach backhoe and it is broken. Kelly will contact the enforcement officer.

NOAA/Mangrove Project report The project is behind schedule but going well. Frank volunteered a 30 ft dumpster that was filled last weekend. Another canal resident volunteered a backhoe which helped remove 30 cubic yards of mangrove.

Amendment and By-law Re-do Sue has been unable to work on it but will before the next meeting.

Security Officer Report Karla gave a report from Kelo. There are some paddle boats without stickers that when stopped did say they had stickers at home. Margie confirmed that they did purchase stickers. A barge has been out without a sticker.

Lake Clean Up Report There have been no official clean-ups. Bob B submitted an invoice for algae clean-up equipment. The next clean-up will concentrate on mangrove seedlings growing around the Lake.

Annual Meeting Rod will confirm the menu and pricing with MidPac. We are planning to offer the same pricing ($10/$30) as last year. The invitations to the dinner will go out the second week of September. Karla volunteered to work on a slide show for the meeting.

Holiday Flotilla It was decided to hold the next flotilla on 12/18/11.

Community Boards attendance Cindy will attend the August meeting this week on 8/4/11. Items to be covered were recapped. Kelly will attend the September meeting (9-1-11)

Newsletter Cindy shared the almost complete newsletter which will go to the printers tomorrow. Several suggestions were made. The pictures looked great.

Old Business The Lake meter is working but still giving some inaccurate printouts. Boundary signs not up yet. Kukilakila proposal taking a back seat at present. It was brought up at their board meeting and the president explained that we are currently working together on the Lake health.

New Business Future meeting dates are 9/8/11, 10/5/11 and annual meeting 10/15/11.

Meeting Recap KCA/Kailua Board Points


  • Permit for berm openings will be signed soon, will not be very flexible.
  • Kailua Canoe Club near completion of canal mangrove removal project
  • No update on State contract to restore water flow to Hamakua stream
  • Delta update available this week (Bob B will let Cindy know)

The meeting was adjourned at 8:24 pm

To do List:

  • Bob B and Bob S-Meet with attorney and Delta brass with proposal
  • Rod-finalize dinner cost with MidPac
  • Cindy-KNB meeting 8-4-11, newsletter to printer
  • Margie-send out newsletter, checks for Pono Pacific to Kelly
  • Ron-CZM application
  • Kelly-talk to enforcement officer re:berm openings, KNB meeting 9/1/11
  • Sue-amendment re-do update