August 2013 Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association Board Meeting,  August 14, 2013

Present:  Rod Castanha, Bill Kinney, Gus Gustavson, Steve Brennan, Stephen Kofsky, Greg Colbert, Bob Molyneux, Don Young
Cindy Turner, Webmaster, Bob Bourke, Scientific Advisor
Absent: Kelly Adams, Kelo Maosi, Mike Mickelwait, Alan Richardson, Darren Rogers, Franklin Denis
Guest: Mike Compton

A quorum was declared and the meeting called to order at 7:20pm

Approval of Minutes The minutes from the July 25, 2013 meeting were reviewed and approved as written.

Financial Report The Profit & Loss report and the current balances were reviewed.  Bill reported on the current balances as well as amounts paid to the attorney and bills due at present. Margie reports a good response to the 3013-2014 mailing.  There are currently several homes in escrow.

Lake clean-Up There have been residents complaining about the trash bags left by the cleaning crew.  Cindy will mention this in the newsletter and emphasize the need for cooperation to increase efficiency.

Title Guaranty  Greg has received the initial report but considers it a work in progress.  He plans to arrange the data in a manner that will assist in making it easier to follow.  There is a difference between membership and responsibility for assessments.  The obligation to pay goes with the land and is not a function of membership.  He discussed the Kukilakila change from mandatory to voluntary membership that occurred with the offer of fee simple purchase.  Kukilakila is actually a Planned Unit Development with each owner owning the land beneath their units.  Common areas are still owned by Kamehameha Schools until all units are fee simple (one leasehold and one in escrow at present).  The CC&R’s state that owners are subject to assessments to provide care and upkeep of the Lake.
Steve stated that Boards should strive to eliminate uncertainty and risk.  The current CC&R’s can be extended past 2016 with a 2/3 agreement from the residents.  There was discussion regarding what information will be presented at the upcoming annual meeting.  Bill has offered to go to the Kukilakila Community Association as a liaison to work on a group fee offer. Gus plans to discuss the environmental violation lawsuit and the need to discuss past decisions and move forward.  Greg will present the results from TG at the next meeting as a rehearsal for the annual meeting.
Canoe Club Gus presented a proposal from Mike Compton to allow Le Jardin Academy High School to train in the Lake while the Ala Wai Canal is not available due to construction.  The boats would launch from Mike’s property and the school would name the ELRA on their insurance policy.  Gus made the motion to allow the Le Jardin Canoe Club to train on the Lake with the proper liability coverage.  With a second from Steve, the motion passed.

Annual Meeting Rod has two dates in October available at the St. John Vianney meeting room.  It was decided to reserve the room for the annual meeting on October 18, 2013 at 7pm.  Cost will be $95 for the insurance coverage.  In the past we have also provided a donation.  Rod and Margie will fill out the paperwork.  Rod, Cindy and Margie will work on invitations and refreshments.  Steve has volunteered for clean-up.  Bob M. will help set up.

Newsletter Cindy will include information about the clean-up crews, annual meeting, water main break and opening for administrative assistant.

New business The recent water main break on Keolu Dr. dumped a large amount of orange/brown water into the Lake.  Steve K, Bob B and Hugo de Vries all have pictures/video.

Some of Bob’s video may be used on the news.

Bob also reported on a new development at Norfolk.  He provided them with information about inadequate BMP’s and they have improved theirs.

Greg has offered to post a job description for the administrative assistant on Craigslist.  He and Margie will work on the description.
Next meeting date to be determined
Meeting adjourned at 9:12pm