August 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association, Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Present:  M. Novack, A. Richardson, J. Fernie, G. Colbert, R. Castanha, M. Compton, G. Gustavson, J. Compton, D. Vonier, S. Oshiro, B. Tassie, G. Lingle and C. Turner (Webmaster).

Absent:  S. Harding, B. Molyneux and M. Spencer (Administrative Assistant).

Guests:  Bill Sullivan, President of KCA and Joelle Simonpietra.

A quorum was called by G. Colbert and the meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm.

Approval of Minutes:  B. Tassie moved and J. Fernie seconded the minutes of the July 10th meeting be approved as corrected.

  1. Colbert and our guests from KCA discussed his meeting with Kukilakila. The removal site for the material from planned dredge project was one of the topics. The By-Laws were also discussed.

Finance:  G. Gustavson presented the financial report.  The Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement were distributed.  There has been no change in our liability insurance from last year.  Our property taxes, normally paid semi-annually, were paid in full in July.  A bill for $600 for lake maintenance is still outstanding.  During this fiscal year, 82% of all lakeside homeowners have paid their annual maintenance assessment.  Twenty-three per cent of Kukilakila’s residents have paid their voluntary assessment. The delinquency follow up letters have been quite effective.  A. Richardson reported that the title search done by Title Guarantee had some missing members and some incorrect lot numbers.  G. Colbert will meet with Cynthia at TG to get these items corrected. The board approved reinvesting CDs and Money Market Certificates as they mature.   B. Tassie moved and G. Colbert seconded the Finance report be approved.

Community Relations:  C. Turner attended the KNB meeting.  It was learned from the City’s representative that a permit for stream opening had been submitted then rescinded.  The Department of Health is stopping Facilities and Maintenance from opening the stream except in event of emergency.  It was learned a new committee is being formed to deal with Waterway Health.  This should be helpful for our lake and stream.

Lake Maintenance:  S. Oshiro reported that Kimo’s Cove needs work.  It is not just trash that is the problem but the growing amount of floating algae that gets blown into the cove by normal trade winds.  As our lake has not been opened since March, the salinity has decreased and the fresh water encourages this growth.  In addition, the midges are back because they lay their eggs in the portion of the algae above water. Residents are in charge of removing what they can from the area fronting their property.  S. Oshiro will be talking to those residents.  He also has been authorized to hire someone to help with the cleanup on a trial basis.

Dredging Actions:  We are awaiting permit approvals.   S. Harding was absent due to a family emergency.  Joelle Simonpietra offered to confer with S. Harding regarding disposal sites for wet material from dredging.

Executive session was called. 

Next Meeting Date:  The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 11th, 2018 at 7pm in the A & B meeting room.  The meeting adjourned at 9:33pm.


Action List:  8/14/18

17/9-2:       S. Oshiro:        Hire help to do lake clean-up on a trial basis.

18/1-2:        J. Fernie:         Ask canoe clubs to encourage City and County to open the berm on a regular basis – when it will be the most beneficial for a good water exchange.

18/8-1:        G. Colbert:      Contact Cynthia at Title Guarantee to correct discrepancies in last lake resident title search.