August 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Due to in-person meeting restrictions put in place by the State during the COVID-19 Pandemic, a plan was being developed to hold the October ELRA Annual Meeting electronically.   Following the 10 Aug 2020 telecon between D. Young, VP and A. Char, Attorney, the path forward for the Annual Meeting is provided, based on Char’s interpretation of current Bylaws (2007) 

  • ELRA Annual Meeting cannot be held electronically and should be cancelled.
  • Current Directors to remain in place (unless resigning).
  • The New Articles of Incorporation require a new vote of approval by the Board of Directors due to revisions.
  • Revised Bylaws require a new vote of approval by the Board.

Enchanted Lake Residents Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, August 11th, 2020

(Meeting conducted via materials provided by Email)

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic lockdown, the Board of Directors was unable to meet in person for the monthly meeting. The following is a synopsis of the business conducted by email this month.

Review/Approval of Minutes:  July Minutes approved by paper ballot

Finance Report:  Annual Budget 2020-2021   Will be voted on in the Sep Meeting


Annual Meeting.  M. Novack has cancelled Dinner reservation with MidPac and informed R. Castanha.  D. Young has informed the Dinner Speaker about cancellation.

Electronic Records.  L. Jenks and C. Turner were contacted to discuss how to proceed with establishing an email account for ELRA, based on the Google Page.

Bylaws.  Per D. Young. Email 28 July 2020, G. Colbert, M. Novack, and D. Young met on July 24 with representatives of Kukilakila to inform them about the updated Articles of Incorporation and coming vote on the revised Bylaws. For the most part, they were understanding, appreciative, and supportive. However, one person objected that the revised Bylaws might take away rights of Kukilakila owners.  These concerns were shared with ELRA Attorney for his opinion.

Per D. Young 10 Aug 2020, telecon with A. Char:  A. Char amended Article 12 in the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation and Article XII in the Amended and Restated Bylaws. The Articles and Bylaws will have to be approved again by the Board.

The Board of Directors can approve the Articles of Incorporation and needs to do so again at the September 2020 meeting. One of the changes to the Articles of Incorporation modifies the approval methods for changes to the Bylaws, including approval by the Board of Directors. Once approved, the Articles of Incorporation may be posted on the ELRA website and/or shared with the membership.

The changes to the revised Bylaws are ready for final approval by the Board of Directors at the September 2020 board meeting. Once approved, the Bylaws may be posted on the ELRA website and/or shared with the membership. A discussion of the revised Bylaws will be an agenda item at the next in-person Annual meeting.

Calendar. Suspended

Kailua Neighborhood Board.  M. Novack sat in on Facebook Streaming.  Most focus was on response to Pandemic conditions.  No mention of ELRA or Lake.  Quality of technology marginal.

Committee Reports

Operations Committee: Per M. Compton There is nothing significant to report for Lake Safety or Eco Harvester.  It is still at C. Turner’s due to low water levels.

Nomination Committee: Per J. Fernie No action taken since Annual Meeting was cancelled.

Dredging Committee:  Per S. Harding. We currently have a strong position with Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility (HYCF) for relocating our dredge material to their pastureland property.  We are awaiting final decision and we expect a favorable outcome.  We will move forward with American Marine Corp (AMC) as the contractor of choice for performing the dredge.   There is still several months of staffing requiring plans and permits prior to picking an actual period of performance for beginning dredging operations.

On 08/05/20, ELRA (Sean Harding, Don Young), OCEANIT (Jordan Moniuszko) and HYCF (Mark Patterson, Daryl Bueno) met to discuss beneficial reuse of dredge material by HYCF.  The meeting was very favorable and HYCF offered two locations next to pastureland that could easily handle trucks and offloading soil.  This effort has the potential benefit of increasing the pasture topography and agricultural usefulness.  OCEANIT is drafting plans and calculating expected changes in the geography of the property.  Once done, HYCF/ELRA/OCEANIT will decide on the best option then move forward with final planning, permitting, and reporting.

The next meeting will be conducted via Zoom on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at 7pm.