August 2015 Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association, Board Meeting, August 11, 2015

Present: Greg Colbert, Bob Molyneux, Margaret Novack, Rod Castanha, Stephen Kofsky, Alan Richardson, Shannon Oshiro, Doug Kroll, George Lingle, Bob Tassie, Bob Bourke (Scientific Advisor),

Absent: Michele Compton, Kelly Adams, Cindy Turner (Webmaster), Melody Spencer (Administrative Assistant)

A quorum was declared and the meeting called to order at 7:05pm.

Approval of Minutes The minutes for the 14 July 2015 meeting were approved.

Ongoing Business:

New Member Vote: As cited in the May 2015 minutes, ELRA By-Laws allow the fill of open seats as soon as possible. Because these new members would be completing the remaining terms of those members who left, it was also agreed to seek out individuals who had previously served on the Board and could come onboard with little updating. Bob Tassie’s membership had been approved via email and was formalized by a voice-vote of the Board. He will be filling one of the unexpired terms that will end in 2016.

Action Items: The list shown at the back of the minutes was updated.

Financial report: Doug Kroll, Treasurer, noted that we have already started our new financial year. He reported balances in checking and savings noting that we had not started the process of collecting annual fees for the current fiscal year.

Executive Session: The Board went into Executive Session to discuss the update/status of ongoing litigation/mediation. In addition to the Board, Bob Bourke was also included in the discussion.

Declaration of Protective Provisions (DPP): Greg Colbert reported that discussions continue with Kamehameha Schools about the DPP. There are many legal complexities related to the original transferals of responsibilities and authorities. To facilitate this effort it was recommended that the Board approve the retention of Beverly Hirimatsu, Attorney at Lyons, Brandt, Cook & Hiramatsu.

Following discussion, the following motion was passed.

A motion was made by Rod Castanha that Ms Hirimatsu be retained and that $1600.00 be approved as her retainer. This motion was seconded by Bob Tassie. The Board approved this unanimously.

Greg requested assistance in monitoring this work.   It was agreed that Al Richardson and Bob Tassie, both of whom have served on the Board during the early days of ELRA, would be available to assist Greg.

Annual Meeting: The date for the annual meeting was discussed. The sense of the Board was to delay the meeting, normally taking place in October, to November to allow a more full discussion of the outcome of the litigation/mediation. It was hoped that this meeting could take place at the Mid-Pac Golf Clubhouse.

Lake Maintenance: The Board noted that the lake was experiencing some regrowth of Mangrove seedlings. Shannon Oshiro noted that he and his sons had made a pass cleaning mangrove. He also noted 3 locations that will require a crew to remove; as larger bunches had established themselves. George Lingle mentioned that the mangrove may be reseeding the lake from large groups on the other side of Keolu bridge.

Lake Health: Bob Bourke indicated that the lake is relatively healthy given the stresses of the past years. The berm was opened just this morning (11 Aug) so it was too early to predict the efficacy of the opening.  The lake has remained at a lower than desirable level and salinity is higher than normal. Last month when the stream mouth closed, the level was quite low (~1.0 ft) and the siphons adding water from Kawainui Marsh brought the water surface elevation up to 1.5 feet.  Next month’s goal is to lift the water level to 2.0 ft before the City opens the stream mouth.

Next meeting will be 15 Sep 2015

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm.