December 2010 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting December 9, 2010

Present: Bob Bourke, Cindy Turner, Franklin Denis, Bob Sanders, Cal Clemmer, Karla Maosi, Sue Alden, Steve Brennan, Ron Rickman

Absent: Mike Compton, Frank Schumann, Glenn Magyar, Rod Castanha, Kelo Maosi

With a proxies from Mike , Rod, Frank and Glenn, a quorum was declared and the meeting called to order at 7:06pm

Approval of Minutes The minutes from the November 16, 2010 meeting were reviewed. There was a correction to the wording in the Kukilakila proposal to change residents directly on the Lake to residents with Lake advantage. Also boat dock should read boat ramp. With these changes, there was a motion (Ron) and a second (Bob B ) to approve the minutes. The motion passed.

Financial Report Margie reports that we currently have $47,000 in the checking account. The General Lake liability premium came in $25 less than last year and has been paid. The Boat Liability insurance was also paid and was $3 more than previous. We continue to receive fees and also received $895 through escrow for a Kukilakila sale. Margie shared two letters from Kukilakila residents who don’t agree with the mandatory fees. Bob B will respond to the letters.

Dredging Project/Federal Funds Ron reports that the letter to all involved parties has not been sent yet.

Bob B has a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers for dredging of the boat ramp. It is good for 1 year. He is still dealing with some details. The Lake must dispose of the solids up to 25 cubic yards. Kukilakila has agreed to the dredging as long as there is no cost to them.

City Permit/Berm Opening/Lake Health There is no update on the permit status. Ron shared a “Public notice of request for permit”. Nicole sent a response letter emphasizing the importance to the Lake.

NOAA/Mangrve Proposal Update Bob B reports that there have been a few modifications to the proposal. Kailua Canoe Club will provide the labor.

Ammendments and By-Laws Re-do Sue has requested some samples from an attorney. There is interest in addressing the issues of membership differences for the future.

Security Officer Report Karla states that there are no issues to report.

Lake Clean-Up The barge motor is fixed and on the boat. The plan is to have a visible clean-up this Sunday prior to the flotilla. Bob S is interested in having as many bodies out as possible. Karla will make the calls.

Community Boards attendance Ron attended the December meeting. He discussed the berm and storm drain problems. There are still some neighborhood board members who believe these are our problems because of the private lake issue. They feel the rubbish in the Lake is from the Lake. Karla will attend the January meeting.

Newsletter Cindy is working on it. Steve, Sue and Bob B will contribute.

Old Business The Lake meter has been sent back and is being tested. Bob B will be able to get the boundary signs in now that the water level is up. Bob S would like to target Earth Day (April 22) for the Scout clean-up.

Bob S suggested giving the Kukilakila committee some parameters as a goal to reach in expressing an interest in the proposal. Franklin is not sure that it would be helpful. He and Debra plan to go door to door to poll residents. There was much discussion about the future commitment and the ultimate goal of community. Increasing revenue is not the main objective.

Bob S believes it is important to negotiate prior to changing the by-laws so a plan can be presented to the membership.

The new Kaopa subdivision will have two drains emptying into the Lake, the main one being in the middle of the Kamehameha School’s property. Bob B and his crew have placed sand bags around the drain outlet and will be able to measure sediment runoff. So far it appears that their BMP’s are in place.

New Business Bob B has a copy of the Koolaupoko watershed plan. Bob, Steve and Cindy will review it to make sure our goals are adequately reflected.

The Holiday Flotilla is planned for Sunday. Cindy suggested inviting some Kailua Neighborhood Board members as guests.

There was a question about allowing kayak rentals on the Lake. The problems of liability and increased theft were cited as negative aspects.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm

To Do list:

Bob B-respond to letters, review watershed plan, monitor KS drain, newsletter article

Cindy-newsletter, review watershed plan

Karla – January 6, 2011 Neighborhood board, call clean-up crew

Franklin & Debra –poll kukilakila residents

Steve-review watershedplan, newsletter article

Sue-by-laws, newsletter article

Next Meeting

January 13, 2011

7pm Cindy’s House