December 2015 Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting, Enchanted Lake Residents Association, December 8, 2015

Present: Greg Colbert, Margaret Novack, Michele Compton, Bob Molyneux, Bob Tassie, George Lingle, Shannon Oshiro, Doug Kroll, Jean Compton, Jean Fernie, Gus Gustavson, Dick Vonier

Bob Bourke (Scientific advisor), Cindy Turner (Webmaster), Melody Spencer (Administrative Assistant), Kelly Adams (guest)

Absent: Al Richardson, Rod Castanha

A quorum was declared and the meeting called to order by Margaret Novack (in lieu of Greg Colbert) at 7:02pm.

Introduction: All of the board members were recognized and were asked to say a little about themselves.

 Approval of Minutes: The minutes for the November 10, 2015 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Financial Report: Financial report was not available.  Melody reviewed the current balances of the accounts.

Committee Reports:

Community Relations Michele, George and Rod are the members currently on the committee.  Michele and George discussed details of the holiday boat parade to be held on 20 December 2015.  Cindy will publicize on the web and facebook to encourage maximum participation.

  • Block Captain Michele informed the board that she is working on a current block captain listing to include those residents who attended the annual meeting and whether fees are paid up.
  • Lake Signs Michele reported that the lake signs are not in good condition.  She discussed the possibility of having the signs replaced.  Bob B. concurred that approximately eight signs are needed throughout the lake.  Cindy shared that she is looking into making signs for the wetland and will obtain information regarding signs for the lake.  Michele is working with the girl scouts to get “No Dumping” signs on all storm drains.  They will read  “No Dumping – Drains to ocean.”
  • Kailua Neighborhood Board It was suggested that the board each take a turn to attend a monthly meeting. They are held the 1st Thursday of the month at Kailua District Park.  A sheet was passed for the signups.

Finance Audit: Doug reported that the taxes are completed.  Annual Fee invoices were mailed out in September.  Reminder letters to be sent to single family homes that have not paid annual fees.

Lake Maintenance: Shannon reported that he and his crew collected 18 bags of rubbish in Kimo’s Cove.  He shared that he had taken photos of the homes that have trees that need to be trimmed.  Bob B. stated that letters were sent out in years past regarding maintenance of trees.      `

  • Lake Health: Bob Bourke stated that a lot of inquiries regarding filthy stuff coming out of the lake were brought up at the last KNB meeting.  Bob wrote a letter explaining that pollutants from construction sites, storm drains, sewer overflows, and mangroves were to blame.
  • Kukilakila Dredging: Bob stated that they had met with a representative from Goodfellow Brothers.  He stated that a right of entry form is being drafted to be signed by ELRA and Kukilakila.  The spoils will be deposited into a 20 yard dumpster container and disposed of by Goodfellow Brothers.

Strategic Planning: Copies of the current calendar was distributed and reviewed by the board.  Margaret stated that it is important that a budget be built.

  • Focus Area: New Board members were encouraged to pick committees to utilize their strengths.  It was agreed that Jean C., Jean F. and Dick will assist with community relations.
  • De-Conflict Lake Security: The board discussed the housing of the security boat, which is reportedly not operational at this time.

 A motion was made for Shannon to take possession of the boat, dock and maintenance equipment and store on his property.  It was seconded and all were in favor.

Greg Colbert arrived at 8:30 p.m.

DPP: Greg continues to make strides in completing a strategy for a long-term sustainability plan.

Executive Session: The board went into Executive Session to discuss the update/status of litigation. In addition to the board, Bob Bourke was also included as he is a part of the litigation liaison committee.

A motion was made for the Board to authorize the litigation committee to come to closure regarding the settlement.  The motion was seconded and all were in favor.

Next Meeting Date:  The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday January 12, 2016.

 The meeting was adjourned at 9:16 pm.