December 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association, Board of Directors Zoom Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, December 10, 2020

Conducted via Zoom:  Present:  D. Young, M. Novack, J. Fernie, A. Richardson, J. Bean, S. Harding, L. Jenks, D. Kroll, M. Compton, D. Medeiros, C. Turner (Webmaster) and M. Spencer (Administrative Assistant).

Guest:  Lisa Marten, Hawaii State House (District 51) Elect.

Absent: G. Gustavson, R. Castanha, and G. Colbert,

The meeting was called to order by D. Young at 7:03pm.  A quorum was declared by M. Novack.

Guest Lisa Marten was welcomed by D. Young and formally introduced by D. Kroll.  As the newly elected representative for Kailua, L. Marten expressed her thanks for the support she recognized as coming from several board members.  She indicated she was here to learn.  There were several topics that she addressed.

She began by exploring what she believed was an important issue for ELRA, namely the regular opening of the Kaelepulu Stream Berm.   She pointed out that the COE permit granted the City had expired in 2017 and that the City had not worked very hard to get it renewed.  It was agreed that this reluctance probably stemmed from the actions of some Kailua activists who were working against having the Berm open.

Currently the Army Corps is finalizing a permit for 79 stream maintenance activities across Oahu (attached).  This permit includes Alahaki Ditch (from 180 Alahaki Street to Kahili Street) and Hele Drainage Ditch (Liku Street to Enchanted lake Shopping Center) both in Enchanted Lake.
Once this permit is finalized (next few months), the Army Corps and City will begin working on another permit for stream mouth dredging at 12 locations on Oahu.  Originally Kaelepulu Stream was to be included in this permit but it was taken off the list.  Once the 12 stream mouth site permit is secured, the City and Army Corps will develop a separate permit specifically for Kaelepulu stream mouth dredging.

She was aware of the recent watermain break that is thought to have caused some yet to be determined damage to the lake.  She encouraged the Board to take pictures and report to the Clean Water Branch of DOH.  L. Jenks and D. Kroll indicated that they had done so and provided DOH with photos.  Jenks said that there is an incident report number.  Marten encouraged them to follow-up. Perhaps contacting the Department of Facilities Management.

Marten encouraged ELRA to be proactive, saying that the squeaky wheel gets the attention.

Marten also described the project that she had been working on for a long time, that is the rehabilitation of the Hamakua Wetlands.  She is very much in favor of relinking the Kawainui Marsh waters with the Hamakua wetlands as was done with the experimental siphon project.  Noting that if this did not occur the only source of water for the Wetlands was runoff from Kailua-town.

Following her departure, the formal portion of the meeting began.

Approval of Minutes:  Discussion on the minutes resulted in a few word changes. M. Novack moved and D. Kroll seconded the November 2020 minutes be approved.  They were approved unanimously.

Finance:  Prior to the meeting, G. Gustavson had sent the monthly Financial Report to all Board members.  He reported via email that we were on track and following the budget. A. Richardson pointed out that ELRA had just sent a check for $20K to Oceanit to secure the Third Amendment to the Dredging Contract.  These funds came from the Qualified Settlement Fund

There was extensive discussion about the Security Boat.  It had been agreed previously and funding had been approved to purchase a new boat, but M. Compton was able to secure a new motor and repair of the boat for less than the anticipated new boat price.

Since the Treasurer was not present, it was agreed to accept the financial report as interim information rather than vote for approval


Election of Officers:  After the November Elections two important positions remained vacant.  Following individual outreach, the following candidates agreed to be considered for these vacancies.

First Vice President: Jeanette Bean

Second Vice President: Sean Harding

  1. Young spoke in favor of the nomination of J. Bean and made the nomination motion. He was seconded by D. Kroll. The vote that followed was unanimously in favor of Bean’s election as First Vice President.
  2. Young spoke in favor of the nomination of S. Harding and made the nomination motion. He was seconded by L. Jenks. The vote that followed was unanimously in favor of Harding’s election as Second Vice President.

Report from the Kailua Neighborhood Board (KNB):  D. Young attended the remotely conducted Board meeting.  He noted that the KNB voted to send a letter to the Mayor requesting an emergency declaration to repair the Ramp for health and safety reasons.

There was considerable discussion about the sinkhole that formed at Kanapuu Drive 2 ½ years ago.  This is directly relevant to the wetlands and the lake since the blocked drainage basin could result in serious flooding conditions during a heavy rain period.  There is a proposal to build a new channel at an estimated cost of $15 M. This area drains into the makai corner of the wetlands, impacting both the wetlands and the lake.

J. Fernie has signed up for the next KNB meeting on 7 Jan 2021. D. Young will circulate a signup sheet for the remainder of 2021.

Annual Report:  M. Novack reported that the written 2020 Annual Report had been mailed to ELRA members on 30 Nov 2020.  She thanks M. Spencer for stuffing all the envelopes.

2021 Goals and Objectives:  D. Young had previously shared the goals and objectives by email.  He highlighted them, pointing out that some were new and others were continued from the previous year.  Young asked that the Board consider them and be prepared to discuss in detail at the next Board Meeting.

2021 Committees: D. Young had previously shared suggested committee assignments via email. D. Kroll volunteered to fill the remaining vacancy on the Audit Committee. Some discussion ensued and Young stated he would send out revised assignments on Wed (9 Dec).

Committee Reports:

Membership Committee Report:   Prior to this meeting, M. Compton sent the board a copy of the minutes from the 1 Dec 2020 Membership Committee conducted via Zoom.  It was attended by M. Compton, J. Bean, D. Medeiros, and D. Young.  This meeting concentrated on the criteria and policies for Associate Membership and “Lots as determined by the Board of Directors” that are eligible for Volunteer Membership.  The committee reviewed a list of 51 properties that have previously been paying assessments as Associates to determine how such properties should be handled under the new Bylaws.

Board discussion initially focused on the criteria, responsibilities of, and privileges of Associate and Volunteer members, to include what the fees would be and how many boat stickers they would each be eligible for.

Energetic discussion ensued as criteria for Associate membership were debated.  It was agreed that decisions on membership ultimately rested with the Membership Committee.  It was also agreed that (1) candidate Associate Members must be made aware that lake access cannot be made through the Wetlands or Kaelepulu properties; (2) may not bring powered water craft to the lake; and (3) associates will be eligible to purchase up to four (4) non-powered watercraft stickers.

Discussion then turned to fees. A motion was made by M. Novack and was seconded by J. Fernie to approve the following schedule: 

Assessed Members     $300.00 per annum

Voluntary Members    $300.00 per annum

Associate Members    $100.00 per annum

The motion was brought to a vote and passed unanimously

Environment Committee: D. Kroll and L. Jenks reported previously in the discussion with L. Marten. C. Turner reported that the Fisheries Grant Pre-Proposal has passed its first gate and that the Final Proposal had been prepared and submitted.  There was discussion about how, if additional funding was made available, it would be used.

The EH has been put to good use this last month.  Kimo’s Cove has been cleaned of the heavy grass, but coconuts continue to be a problem. Hugo De Vries is keeping a log of the hours he is active.  M. Novack asked whether there was still a plan (as relayed to KCA by letter) to use the KCA boat ramp to test how to unload algae.  C. Turner said that Hugo did not believe a test was necessary.  M. Compton pointed out that the EH needed maintenance and that the Boat ramp might be the place for it to take place.  This should be discussed with KCA.

M. Novack stated that she has been in touch with Kamehameha Schools about the Mangrove growth on the school land along the Lake. KS is thinking about doing maintenance and would like to have ELRA accompany them on a walk about.  C. Turner volunteered that perhaps the KS folks would like to see the mangroves from the lake, and if so, she would volunteer to take them out.  M. Novack will get back into contact and offer that idea. 

Operations Committee:

Security:  Discussion about the security boat can be found under the Finance section of these minutes.  M. Compton stated that there seem to be many more small watercraft in the lake recently.

Dredge:  S. Harding reported that Amendment three to the Oceanit Contract had been signed and that the required $20K retainer had been sent.  Harding believes that things are gradually falling into place and that we might possibly start the actual dredge by spring 2021.

He also pointed out that we must avoid the Hoary Bat pupping season, when clearing the trees in the area where the spoils will be deposited.  So Bats are now added to nesting birds and hurricane season as restrictive guiderails.

Lastly, Harding encouraged the Board to always refer to the dredge materials in a positive manner. Agricultural soil was suggested.

D. Young stated that he has been looking at the draft Communication Plan that had been written at the beginning of the project. He will revise it and share,

The Christmas light and caroling parade will take place on Sunday, December 13.  Weather permitting, the boats and barges etc. will meet at 5:45 pm in the center of the lake (socially distanced) near the Comptons.  George Lingle has agreed to lead the parade as in previous years.

Next Meeting Date:  The next meeting will take place by Zoom on Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 7pm.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.