December Lake News, 2017

Join in the Holiday Boat Parade:
Sunday, December 17, 5:30

We’re having a Holiday Boat Parade with potluck, a parade of lights and caroling! Decorate your barges, boats, or kayaks with lights and more for and join in on the festivities!

Meet the other barges and boats in the middle of the lake at 5:30 pm on Sunday, December 17. Bring whatever food and drinks you want to eat and share.

Afterward, watercraft will untie and form a parade of lights and music. We will motor around the lake, sing carols and wish all a happy holiday season!

If ELRA members want to join in on the fun and do not have a barge, you can hop aboard a neighbor’s — call Shannon Oshiro to arrange, 864-4753. Don’t miss out on the festivities! (And please share your photos with us so we can post them on the ELRA Facebook page.)

Santa in canoe

Be sure to follow safe boating rules and don’t overload your watercraft with too many people.

Berm opening

November Berm Opening

City crews opened the berm on November 20, 2017, when the lake level was at a very high 2.7 feet and the tide was at 1.2 feet. The channel dug by the city was widened by the lake water flowing out. It stayed open until the 22nd and resulted in a fairly good interchange of water between the lake and the ocean.

This was the last opening allowed under the city’s permit that expired in October.

Last Berm Opening? We need your participation!

There are many in Kailua who do not support the opening of the berm to allow the lake and stream to flow into the ocean. They feel that the lake water is polluting Kailua Bay and the berm should never be opened.

Unfortunately, the people who are making the decisions for allowing the opening of the berm under a new permit are only hearing from those opposed to opening the berm.

If you want the city to be able to open the berm on a regular basis, which helps to restore the natural flow of water between the lake and the sea, then email your support of regular stream mouth openings to:

Tunis McElwain —

Or write to:

US Army Corps of Engineers
Regulatory Office
Attn: Tunis McElwain
Building 230
Fort Shafter, HI 96858-5440

The subject line should include “Support for Kaelepulu Stream Mouth openings to the Sea.” Your letter or email can be brief. Let them know you support the regular openings and, ideally, add a reason or two as to why you support it.