February 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting February 16, 2012

Present: Sue Alden, Bob Bourke, Clem Clemmer, Cindy Turner, Darren Rogers, Steve Brennan, Glenn Magyar, Rod Castanha, Franklin Denis, Don Young

Absent: Bruce Jahnke, Kelo Maosi, Gus Gustavson, Kelly Adams

Guest: Todd Cullison

With proxies from Gus Gustavson and Bruce Jahnke, a quorum was declared and the meeting called to order at 7:05pm

Approval of Minutes The amended minutes from the January 10, 2012 meeting were reviewed and approved without further changes.

Delta Claim: Mediation Bob reports that the mediation went as expected with a low offer from Delta. Delta had several reasons for not accepting responsibility for the algae problem.

Bob will work with the attorney on the next step. There was a suggestion to consult an attorney with construction expertise.

Rain Garden Bob introduced Todd Cullison, the Executive Director of Hui O Ko’olaupoko. This organization is involved in fostering watershed projects and is 100% grant funded. They cover the area from Waimanalo to Kualoa. Through a recent grant they have built a demonstration rain garden at Heeia Park. They have the funds to start 50 of these gardens in residential areas as a co-op with the residents. The goal of the gardens is to keep rain water runoff from collecting pesticides and fertilizers and washing out into the drains and streams. The organization also plans to produce a manual for the State of Hawaii. The gardens use native plants and would be about 6 feet by 7 feet. Todd will send Cindy information to include in the next newsletter.

Financial Report Margie reports that we have $10,100 in the checking account. Rod and Clem signed another encroachment agreement this week which makes 3 since December. We received 14 fees from our recent second mailing which brings the total fees paid to 194. A list of unpaid single family residents was circulated so board members can assist in following up with their neighbors.

The boat engine repair cost $339 ($200 approved) and the boat dock cost $927 ($800 approved). Bob made a motion to accept these expenditures. With a second from Glenn, the motion passed.

Lake Health/Siphon project/City Permit/Berm Opening The berm was opened with limited results so was manually opened by residents on two consecutive evenings. Bob has had some response from Senator Maisie Hirono’s office in working with appropriate agencies to continue the berm openings. A recent Avian botulism outbreak is of concern with low water and fish die offs.

There was much discussion of the increased algae problem and different ideas for removing it. Cindy will contact some experts for advice.

Development of wetland property adjacent to Kaelepulu Stream Cindy reports that the Army Corp has been taking samples and measuring on the property. There is still no building permit but the land developer continues to remove trees and brush.

Amendments and By-laws Re-do Darren expressed an interest in exploring the opinion from the attorney that suggested the by-laws be redrawn. There was more discussion about addressing concerns from residents and comparing the old and proposed by-laws.

Lake Watch Report Karla emailed a report that the boat and dock are back and there have been no calls.

Facebook/Community Outreach Kelly was not available. Cindy attended the February KNB meeting and asked for support with the berm opening issue. The focus of the meeting was on vendors at Kailua Beach Park. Kelly will attend the March meeting 3/1/12

Newsletter Cindy is working on the next e-newsletter. Items will include the volunteer effort to open the berm, request for residents to continue algae removal fronting their homes, the rain garden project and a feature bird profile on the Lesser Scaup duck.

Old Business Darren is waiting for the tags. He has talked to some fishermen who are interested.

Franklin contacted the group making the oyster kits. He shared photos of the set-up and plans to observe the next batch being grown at Kualoa Ranch.

New Business Darren Rogers presented plans for a proposed in ground pool on his property that will be built within his existing encroachment agreement. There was a motion (Cindy) and a second (Glenn) to accept the proposal. The motion passed.

Margie shared a flyer she received from Rep Chris Lee that mentioned the recent Kaelepulu stream clean-up and a budget request for $3mil for restoring waterways in Kailua.

Next Meeting Dates– March 6, 2012, April 12, 2012

The meeting was adjourned at 9:32pm

Next Meeting

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

7pm Cindy’s House