February 2015 Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association, Board Meeting, February 17, 2015

Present: Greg Colbert, Rod Castanha, Bob Molyneux, Margaret Novack, Shannon Oshiro, George Lingle, Stephen Kofsky, Doug Kroll, Michele Compton (by phone)

Bob Bourke (Scientific advisor), Gus Gustavson (Litigation committee), Melody Spencer (Administrative Assistant)

Absent: Kelly Adams, Linda Jenks, Alan Richardson, Jennifer Creedon, Kelo Maosi, Cindy Turner (Webmaster)

A quorum was declared and the meeting called to order at 7:08pm.

Approval of Minutes The minutes for the January 20, 2014 meeting was reviewed and approved upon corrections.

Ongoing Business:

Financial Report The current balance of savings and checking accounts were reviewed along with the current month’s expenses.

Treasurer Opening Greg informed the board that due to Jennifer’s additional responsibilities at work, she has resigned from the position of Treasurer. After some discussion, Doug Kroll volunteered to act as Treasurer.

Delinquency Notices Melody has been making progress on the spreadsheet and plans to get the notices out within the next week.

Block Captain Packets were passed out to board members to review. As the board meets with residents, Greg advised that they get better information on households.

Olomana Estates Visit Greg presented a short slide show of the development and their provisions that they have in place. Bob B. stated that we are on much better footing. Bob also suggested that we write another letter regarding the obvious problems to get it on record.

Key Date Calendar Margaret stated that it is a work in progress. She stated that she would like to note what needs to be done throughout the year for future planning. She stated some concerns about the budgeting cycle and would like some improvement.

Lake Health Shannon shared that he had a small turn out of cleaning crew at the ending of January, but was able to put the cleanup floating dock back together and they were able to do some cleaning of the lake.

Bob B. reported that the City got the permit to open the berm whenever they want. He stated that they plan to do it tomorrow, but because of decreasing tides the lake will be really low which will expose the algae. Bob further stated that the berm may have to be closed on Saturday morning. Bob suggests the board write a letter to the City & County to have set dates for opening berm during permitted period.

Executive Session:

The board went into Executive Session to discuss the update/status of ongoing litigation. In addition to the board, Gus Gustavson and Bob Bourke were also included as they are a part of the litigation liaison committee.

Round Table

It was suggested that a printed list of rules and regulations for lake use be sent to the Kukilakila board to pass out to interested residents as Bob B. received calls regarding illegal netting and setting traps by Kukilakila residents.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:32 pm.