February 2016 Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting, Enchanted Lake Residents Association, February 9, 2016

Present:  Greg Colbert, Margaret Novack, Michele Compton, Dick Vonier, Bob Molyneux, Shannon Oshiro, Jean Fernie, Al Richardson, Doug Kroll, Bob Tassie, George Lingle, Jean Compton, Rod Castanha, Gus Gustavson , Linda Paul (Guest), Kelly Adams (Guest) and Bob Bourke(Scientific Advisor)
Absent:  Cindy Turner (Webmaster) Melody Spenser (Administrative Assistant)

A quorum was declared and the meeting was called to order by Greg Colbert at 7:06pm.

M. Novack requested confirmation as to what constitutes a quorum, since it is not stated in the By-laws.  Bob Tassie stated one more than ½ the board.  This was generally agreed.

Approval of Minutes:  The minutes for the January 12, 2016 meeting were approved.  It was agreed that everyone would print their own copy of the minutes.  If contacted by a board member prior to the meeting, the secretary will bring the individual a copy.

 Finance Report:  At 7:12 D. Kroll, L. Paul and B. Bourke arrived.   A. Richardson informed the board that it is not clear how much has been collected for the special assessment.  A clear list is needed from M. Spencer.  We also do not seem to have received the normal amount from the regular maintenance fees.  G. Colbert confirmed that Beverly Hiramatsu’s bill for $6,432 was the correct amount.  A check in that amount was approved.  The bill for water testing by Aecos was approved.

Litigation: At 7:25, at the suggestion of G. Colbert, the board discussed the litigation with L. Paul.

Committee Reports:

Community Relations-

Girl Scout Project:  M. Compton reported that troop 840 had stenciled (No Dumping-Leads to Ocean) on many storm drains on January 23rd.  More will be done.  B. Bourke reported there is a drain at each grade school that is not marked on any City and County maps.  Michele will bring this to the Girl Scouts’ attention.  K. Adams departed at 7:38.

Kailua Neighborhood Board:  J. Fernie monitored the February meeting.  Donna Wong requested a timetable of the opening of the stream from the Dept. of Facilities.  In addition to the floating boom located on the Buzz’s side of the bridge, some members thought a net should also be strung across under the water.

Finance/Audit- J. Compton arrived at 8:00.  A. Richardson researched Quick Books in the Cloud but determined that it did not have the flexibility needed.  So we are back to Quick Books Desktop.  G. Colbert and A. Richardson both prefer this system.  A. Richardson has spoken to three established bookkeeping firms in Kailua.  He asked how much it would cost to convert our system to Quick Books Desktop, pick up all the monies, and write checks on a monthly basis.  Of those interviewed, the firm who best matched ELRA’s requirements would charge $800 for the conversion, $300 for our three high season months, and $150 a month for the rest –approximately $2,250 per year.  At present, it was decided to go with this solution.  The 2015 Audit is underway by G. Gustavson.

Lake Maintenance- S. Oshiro said it was a slow month and he did not go out.  He has been approached by Le Jardin for a community project.  This could be mangrove removal.  Kelo said the patrol boat may be picked up at any time.  G. Lingle offered to help S. Oshiro accomplish this.

Lake Health– B. Bourke talked about the opening of the sand berm between the stream and the ocean.  This month it started on February 1st and took many days.  At present, our lake health is good.  B. Bourke ascertained from C. Turner that the eight lake signs could be ordered from the mainland for about $50 apiece.  Motion was made by Doug Kroll and seconded by Bob Tassie to approve an expenditure of $500 to include shipping and placing of signs.  B. Bourke plans to meet with City and County personnel to further discuss matters regarding pollution, dredging, and other related topics.  The board requested B. Bourke draft a plan for bi-annual water testing that the board can review and approve.  D. Kroll departed at 8:25.

Kukilakila Dredging- We are waiting on a revised right of entry document from Goodfellows.  B. Bourke will call Matt, an engineer from Goodfellows, to facilitate this matter.

DPP- G. Colbert said he had asked Beverly Hiramatsu to make a plan to prepare and approve an extension of the DPP.  G. Colbert, A. Richardson, B. Tassie, and M. Compton will offer to meet with James Adams and others from Kukilakila regarding this matter.

Strategic Plans- M. Novack reviewed the Strategic Planning Calendar, noting that there was only the Audit that needed to be done in this period.  She also reviewed the Action List to determine the status of the various tasks.  The two new topics on the agenda were deferred to March, due to time.

Next Meeting Date:  The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 8, 2016.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm.