February 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, February 10, 2020

Present:  M. Novack, J. Fernie, G. Colbert, A. Richardson, J. Bean, D. Medeiros, G. Lingle, S. Harding, D. Young, D. Kroll, Mike Compton (via phone), M. Spencer (Administrative Assistant), and C. Turner (Webmaster).

Absent:  G. Gustavson, R. Castanha, and L. Jenks.

A quorum was called by M. Novack and the meeting was called to order at 7:02pm. 

Approval of minutes:  D. Young moved and G. Colbert seconded the January minutes be approved as corrected.  The motion passed unanimously. 

Finance:  The complete report was emailed to the Board prior to the meeting.  A. Richardson also reported that 2 CDs matured in late in January.  They will be reinvested in 6-9 month CD’s earning 1.7%.  G. Colbert moved and J. Fernie seconded the Finance report be approved.  The motion passed unanimously.

M.Novack asked Mike Compton if the 2018 Audit had been completed.  He stated it was and a letter stating same was being sent.

Community Relations:  J. Bean attended/monitored the Kailua Neighborhood Board meeting this month.  Of interest – A resolution was made to require Wendy’s to construct a wall (instead of a fence and plantings) between residents’ homes and Wendy’s property. Canoe paddlers reported that when the lake is very high and the berm is opened, the rushing water destabilizes the banks.  They would like the Department of Facilities Management to acquire a new permit to stabilize the slopes and conduct maintenance on the stream on a regular basis.  Randall Hew passed out self-made booklets to KNB members regarding his “dispute with his neighbors” (ELRA). He wished the KNB to review and provide him with any suggestions towards resolution.

An important meeting will be held February 18 at Kailua High school at 5 to 7:30pm. to inform the public of the City’s proposal to implement a new utility – Storm Water Management.  C. Turner will publicize this on our website, with an email newsletter and on our Face Book page to alert all lakeside owners and the general public.

G. Lingle reinstalled our “Private Lake “sign.  He will wait until the Dredge is completed to order the new buoy for a second sign.  Mike Compton (Security Officer) is thankful the sign is back as it should help eliminate some of the illegal boats on the lake.

Dredge:  On 1/30/20, M. Novack and S. Harding of ELRA and Jordan Moniuszki and Chris Takushi of OCEANIT met with members of the Dept. of Health – Edward Chen of the Clean Water Branch, Myron Honda of the Solid Hazardous Waste Branch, and Roger Brewer of the EPA.  The main point of discussion:  It was determined that we need to do two additional samples of the sediment to satisfy DOH-SHWB requirements to support final upland relocation for beneficial use at HYCF.  1) DOH-SHWB requires another test of dredge material to reconfirm our previous sample results used to support our Letter of Permission have not changed and they have added a test for salinity.  The DOH-SHWB will specify the desired analysis and limits of the sample.  Satisfactory results will support dredge material beneficial re-use at HYCF.  2)  As required by DOH-CWB and our Letter of Permission:  Second set of sampling is taken from the water before/during/after dredge operations to satisfy concerns over potential environmental issues with dredging operation.  Analysis limits are defined by DOH-CWB and consultation would be requested from DOH if any unsatisfactory results are found.  S. Harding informed us of the many future actions that will be need to be completed to get us closer to our goal.

TMDL discussion:  The CWB has not yet determined a designated description of Enchanted Lake.  None of the four designations: lake, estuary, wetland or stream is completely correct.  Each of these four options has its own set of parameters to facilitate TMDL progress.

S. Harding is scheduled to attend KNB Water Pollution Subcommittee, 02/12/20.  He will brief dredge progress and highlight of the 01/30/20 ELRA/DOH meeting.

Executive session was called. 

Next Meeting Date:  The next meeting date will be Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 7pm at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church at 780 Keolu Drive, Kailua.  The meeting was adjourned at 9pm.