Jan. 2017 Minutes

Board of Directors Monthly Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, January 17, 2017

 Present:  Margaret Novack, Sean Harding, Al Richardson, Gus Gustavson, Bob Molyneux, Bob Tassie, Jean Compton, Jean Fernie, George Lingle, Shannon Oshiro, Dick Vonier, Michele Compton (via telephone),  Bob Bourke (Scientific Advisor), and Cindy Turner (Webmaster).

Absent:  Rod Castanha and Melody Spencer (Administrative Assistant).

A quorum was called and the meeting was called to order at 7:08pm by M. Novack.

Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of the December 6th, 2016 meeting were approved after several corrections and deletions.

Finance Report: G. Gustavson discussed our finances and made his report.  Approximately $11,600 of legal fees to Lyons Brandt Cook and Hiramatsu are still outstanding.  G. Lingle moved to accept the report and B. Tassie seconded it.  A. Richardson stated we need to get all legal fee invoices in one spot.  He will discuss this with our lawyers as we will need to send 1099’s to them.  G. Lingle suggested that we should invest a portion of the proceeds of the suit.  As we must spend this money on lake improvement within the next 2 years and 9 months or pay taxes on it and most cd’s are for 3 years, A. Richardson stated he felt it was best kept where it was. Decision was made to keep it in our account.  C. Turner stated she had not been reimbursed for the lake signs she purchased.  She will resend the bill to G. Gustavson.

G. Colbert arrived at 7:28 and took over the meeting.   Much discussion ensued regarding the handling of the many past due maintenance fees.  It was decided that G. Gustavson and A. Richardson will write a letter stating all late fees will be waived  on past due accounts if paid in full by June 1, 2017.  G. Gustavson moved and J. Fernie seconded it that this letter be sent out by the end of February.

Community Relations:  There was discussion of the necessity for monitoring both the Kailua Neighborhood Board meeting and the Planning  Zoning and Environmental meeting on a monthly basis.  The consensus was that both had merit.   C. Turner passed around a signup sheet for the 2017 KNB meetings.  Results as follows:  February:  M. Compton  March:  S. Oshiro  April:  D. Vonier  May:  G. Lingle  June:  S. Harding  July:  M. Novack  August:  J. Compton  September:  A. Richardson  October:  J. Fernie  November:  B. Molyneux  December:  G. Gustavson.   No scheduling was made for Planning, Zoning and Environmental meeting held each month on the second Thursday at 7-9pm at the Boettcher Estate.

DPP:  We have 99 lake dwellers that signed the DPP and were registered.  We have since received 5 more signed agreements.

Articles of Incorporation:  Our counsel, Beverly Hiramatsu, is researching how to structure our different classes of membership.  She will be getting back to us with items that will need to be changed in our by-laws.

Lake Maintenance:  S. Oshiro reported that he had not been out on the lake.  The repairs on our ELRA patrol boat have just been completed.  Our thanks go to Mike Compton for all his hard work. Their son also helped during his holiday break.  B. Bourke, G. Lingle, and S. Oshiro will check out our floating dock to see what repairs need to be completed.

Lake Health:  B. Bourke had a follow up meeting with the staff of Ikaika Anderson.  He requested (again) that the City should commit, in writing, to a monthly stream opening schedule as part of its storm water discharge agreement.  The discharge agreement clearly states that the City is responsible for maintaining the flow in the stream to the ocean.  Funds appropriated and contracted by the City for the completion on the mangrove removal are not sufficient to complete removal of all the mangrove.  We will be meeting with Ikaika Anderson to ask him to appropriate sufficient funds to complete the job.  Anderson’s assistant stated the councilman also was interested in providing some matching funds to assist with the dredging.  The meeting with the councilman has not yet been scheduled.

Lake Dredging:   There were 3 responses to our RFP for a consultant to manage the dredging project.  They toured the lake on January 10th to view the scope of work needed to complete the job.  Their proposals are due tomorrow, January 18th.

Next meeting date:  The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 at 7pm at St. John Lutheran Church Parish Hall (Grace Hall), 1004 Kailua Road.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:01pm.


Action List:  1/17/17 ELRA Board Meeting

16/3-7             All   Provide brief articles for C. Turner to use in newsletter

16/9-3             A. Richardson and G. Gustavson   Redistribute funds at American Savings Bank to bring each account within FDIC coverage.

17/1-1             A. Richardson and G. Gustavson   Compose letter regarding late maintenance fees.

17/1-2             M. Novack   Write an article for the newsletter concerning the DPP and send to C. Turner

17/1-3             B. Bourke, G. Lingle, and S. Oshiro   Inspect our floating dock and determine  repairs need to made for it to accommodate our refurbished ELRA patrol boat.

17/1-4             B. Bourke    Schedule follow up meeting with Ikaika Anderson.