January 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association Board of Directors Zoom Meeting Minutes Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Conducted via Zoom: Present: D. Young, M. Novack, G. Gustavson, J. Fernie, A. Richardson, S. Harding, L. Jenks, D. Kroll, M. Compton, D. Medeiros, and C. Turner (Webmaster).

Guest: Patrick Branco, Hawaii State House (District 50).

Absent: J. Bean, R. Castanha, and G. Colbert, and M. Spencer (Administrative Assistant)

The meeting was called to order by D. Young at 7:03 pm. A quorum was declared by M. Novack.

Guest Pat Branco was welcomed by D. Young, pointing members to the biography that had been provided by email. As the newly elected representative for portions of Kailua, P. Branco pointed out that he is a local boy, having had several generations of family preceding him in Kailua. He cited his education and how he was drawn to run for office representing his hometown. He expressed his admiration for Cynthia Theilen (R), his predecessor in the State seat. This was evidenced by his hiring of Theilen’s office Manager, Charlotte Farmer.

There are several issues that Branco is interested in. They include various Capital Improvements such as restoring the Kawainui Fishponds and the repair or replacement of the Kailua Boat Ramp. Also protecting endangered species such as the Hawaii Owl. He is against the selling of shark products and the harvesting of coral. He plans to work toward better management of local Vacation Rentals. Lastly, he will work to keep low flying aircraft out of the Kailua area.

In answer to a question, Branco stated that he was looking forward to working with Lisa Marten, Hawaii State House (District 51), Esther Kiaaina, Honolulu City Council (District 3), Chris Lee, State Senate (District 25), and all of the members of the Windward Coalition.

C. Turner asked whether he was familiar with the proposed Kawainui Siphoning Project. Branco remembered seeing it on the Dike path. Several Board members provided details of the proposed project.

S. Harding described the history and progress of the ELRA Dredging effort at the macro level. P. Branco expressed interest and asked to be kept informed. Harding took the opportunity to also describe the challenges related to keeping the lake clean. These challenges include the uncertainty about berm openings, the free flow of debris from tributaries and city drainage canals into the lake, and the multiple storm drains. G. Gustavson recapped the Dredge project. P. Branco asked to be kept informed and volunteered to “help with the work.”

1-1 TASK: Write TY Letter to Branco, include detail about Kawainui Siphon Project and the ELRA Dredging Project. ** D. Young?? COMPLETE
Following his departure, the formal portion of the meeting began.

Minutes: J. Fernie moved and G. Gustavson seconded that the December 2020 Minutes be approved. They were approved unanimously.

Finance: Prior to the meeting, G. Gustavson had sent the monthly Financial Report to all Board members. He reported via email that we were on track and following the budget.

There are no significant financial transactions to report for December 2020.
The Profit and Loss Statement of Budget versus Actual for the period July-December 2020 is summarized.

Expenses for the period are tracking very close to budget. The only major outlier is the equipment depreciation for the Eco Harvester, which was not in the budget.

ELRA will be sending our annual letter to owners of single-family lakeside homes (Assessed Members) who are delinquent on their annual maintenance assessments this month.

Approval of Finance Report: M. Novack moved and L. Jenks seconded that the Finance Report be approved. They were approved unanimously.


Correspondence: There is one document this month: an ELRA invite to Esther Kiaaina, City Council to attend an upcoming Board meeting.

Report from the Kailua Neighborhood Board (KNB): J. Fernie attended the remotely conducted Board. Her Report is at Att 1. D. Young circulated a KNB sign-up sheet for 2021. Several Board members volunteered to attend KNB meetings, so we are covered through July. Some vacancies remain.

Goals and Objectives: D. Young led a discussion about the current Goals and Objectives. It was agreed that Goal 2 will be reordered. Further the Block Captain Objective (Obj 3) within Goal 3 will be deleted at this time. It may be restored, if needed, in the future.

Committee Reports:

Dredging Committee: S. Harding reported that Geotech has provided a positive interim report relating to the likely location of the dredged-soil deposit. Once final, the report will go to the HYC Facility. ELRA will then submit for the Grading Permit. It is anticipated that the Permit will require four months to be approved. Once that is done, contracting with American Marine can be finalized. With all of this in mind, the probable start for the actual dredging will be late summer 2021.
As part of the Dredging Effort, D. Young also reviewed the Communications Plan. The Board agreed that it was comprehensive. Young indicated that he would revise the existing letters to bring them up to date. The remaining question is when should the letters/communications begin?

Membership Committee: M. Compton indicated that they have one Associate Member Application and that by next month they should have recommendations on the “Designated Lots”.

Operations Committee: M. Compton reported that the security boat has returned from major repairs this week and is now sporting its new motor. Thank you to Darren Rogers for helping build a new engine mount, as this motor has power tilt.
We are waiting for a few parts, including new navigation lights, bilge pump, steering cable and helm, to complete the job. The boat will be good as new and ready for another 10-15 years. The total cost was about $10,000 (about half a new boat).

The lake has a large number of un-stickered paddle boats but few un-stickered power boats. Two boats this month were stopped: one power boat without a sticker and one boat operating without lights.

Environment Committee: D. Kroll has provided a written report (Below).
He also reported on a meeting that he and Hugo DeVries (Wetland owner) attended that morning (12 Jan 2021) on the grounds of the Kamehameha Schools (KS) property. ELRA has requested the school’s assistance in keeping invasive mangroves out of the lake. In coordination with Todd Gray, the Assets Manager for KS, four people walked the grounds of the KS property and assessed the dimensions of the required work. KS asserted that they aspire to keep the property cleaner and will start that work by removing as much of the Haole Koa from the fence line as possible. Currently there is no budget for mangrove removal, but they would keep ELRA informed.
1-2 TASK: Write TY letter to KS (Todd Gray) for their willingness to work with us. ** D. Kroll.

C. Turner reported that H. DeVries has taken the EcoHarvester (EH) out several times. She also mentioned that he had discovered an electrical issue with the EH, but believed it to be under control.

He has noted that some ELRA homeowners have allowed mangroves to begin to root along their waterfronts. It was agreed that homeowners need to be reminded to remove the mangroves and also the coconuts.

1-3 TASK: Create a newsletter going to all ELRA households identifying what mangrove seeds and plants look like, and requesting they clean their waterfronts of the mangrove and floating coconuts. ** C. Turner


C. Turner reported that H. DeVries had taken Levani Lipton, member of the Kailua Neighborhood Board (KNB), on a boat tour of the lake ecosystem starting at Buzz’s, through the canal, and into the lake to help facilitate Lipton’s environmental assessment that she is preparing for legislative members.

In discussions about Water Analysis, D. Young requested the contact information for Derek Esibill.
Lastly, J. Fernie pointed out that the Christmas light and caroling parade that took place Sunday, December 13th was very well attended. Observers estimated 18 various well-decorated, barges, boats, SUPs, etc. were in attendance. Many thanks to George Lingle, who agreed to lead the parade, as in previous years.

Next Meeting Date: The next meeting will take place by Zoom on Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 at 7pm. J. Bean will be attending the February Kailua Neighborhood Board.
The meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.


Written Environmental Report

A quiet month compared to the last for lake health.  My general assessment is that the lake is maintaining about a 5/10 the past month.  On scale 10 being absolutely clear water and 0 being absolute dark dead lake.
The lake has been maintaining a grayish green look with water clarity about 1 foot to two depending on area observed.  Lifeforms seem to be more active than the prior month.  Although the tilapia schools are no longer present by area 2.
Association member, Amy Kramer stepped up to also volunteer and will be monitoring the large drainage canal that empties out by the mouth of the lake (Area 5)

Hugo and I will be meeting 7:30 AM Tuesday morning with a representative from Kam Schools.  Hopefully, to provide some perspective and get them going on being responsible for their portion of the lake.  I will report on this as long as the meeting occurs Tuesday night.

Synopsis of Jan 7, 2021 Kailua Neighborhood Board meeting              

Quorum declared by the President Hicks and meeting began at 7pm.  The joint declaration made by both political parties in Hawaii – denouncing the rioting in the Capitol and demanding they stand down immediately was read.  KNB all agreed they were aligned with this statement.

There will be an opening on the Board for someone from Enchanted Lakes as Teresa Parsons is moving to Kaneohe.  She was thanked for her many years of excellent service.

HPD reported that the stats were down in almost all crime categories from November to December.

HFD reported their numbers and commented that they were fortunate that their water rescues could be accomplished by jet skis as the Kailua boat ramp is in such disrepair – very dangerous to launch a boat – if at all possible.

KMCAS reported there would be training exercises this week and possibly a bit more noise over Kailua but most of the exercises would be out over the ocean.  He spoke of an ongoing restoration project that is in stage 3 now – planting indigenous vegetation at Bellows to prevent erosion.  Donna Wong inquired if the Nuupia Pond project was still ongoing. She was interested if the turtle population was increasing or decreasing.  That will be answered at the February meeting.

The Mayor’s representative Brandi talked about the Kanapuu Drive sinkhole.  Residents have complained of parked cars and people sleeping in the area.  The construction company and HPD will be looking into this.  Regarding the boat ramp – Laura Theilen, incoming Director of C&C Department of Parks and Recreation, said it would take at least 4 years to do emergency repairs and the money would come from CID funds.  Board members wondered if that money is connected to the bond market and would it be negatively affected.  Gary Weller reported to Mayor’s rep that the bridge by Buzz’s is in disrepair.  The pedestrian walkway is dangerous –plywood is crumbling and the railings need to be replaced.  The hale that the canoe clubs keep their boats has been leaking for 12 years!! They use buckets and must cover canoes with tarps! This has been reported many times.

Mayor’s Rep wanted to know the permit status for the berm opening.  Levani Lipton said there is a divided opinion in Kailua whether the berm should ever be opened.  At present, it is just done in emergency conditions when high water threatens properties.  The Mayor’s representative reported the City wishes to allow grade schools access to City parks adjacent to their school.  The schools agreed that they would use only the schools rest rooms and would do any necessary COVID19 cleaning after use of the city park.

Teresa Parsons commented on the use of Roundup by the Dept. of Trans. –WAY too much.  There was a question about DOT workers not having to be licensed to apply this dangerous chemical.  Mayor’s rep said they had to be “supervised” by a licensed person. (Parsons doubted this was done)  Over the years Ms. Parsons has observed 6-8 ft. swaths being sprayed when just an area around a post was necessary – and this was adjacent to Kawainui where it would run off into the stream.  This was one of many instances she listed. Over the years she has reported many infractions – areas where school children walked, spraying close to waterways and in her opinion Roundup should be banned from use by the DOT.

It was stated that jury trials were back in progress.  KNB board members expressed worry over lack of band width to handle all these large virtual meetings.

Incoming Senator Chris Lee thought that perhaps with the US Senate now being mostly Democratic, more robust budgets for schools will be passed.  He said he is sending out a mail in survey asking what needs to be addressed in the budget this year.  A person from the audience wanted to have speed bumps placed by all schools and parks to slow drivers down in an area where there so many children.  Donna Wong asked that public hearings be broadcast on something other than Facebook as many are not a part of that social media.

Rep. Scott Matayoshi, HI House (District 49) sent out a survey asking what bills the public thought should be funded.  He is working on a bill that will tax all flavored vaping(sp) products…very dangerous items attractive to young people.  He said that YouTube will be broadcasting the House Hearings.

Rep Lisa Marten, HI House (District 51)  said much of her report had been discussed by earlier members.  But she did share that she had been part of the COVID vaccine trial earlier and had suffered no ill effects.  She urged all to get our inoculations when available.

Largest part of the meeting was discussing and passing unanimously the request to the Department of Planning and Permitting to reject the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) approving the expansion of the Kapaa Industrial Park.  The DPP had previously approved the EIS partly because of a proposed advance comprehensive storm waste system.  To date, that system has not been put in.  Instead an unknown amount of fill has been brought in to the lower section –increasing the height by about 9ft. it was estimated .  The plan states more fill and then buildings 40ft. tall on top of that.  These would be camouflaged by tall trees they assured. This was just one item on about 2 pages of concerns and questions of violations already. An interesting read.   Our KNB has been ever vigilant on this assault on our watershed and we hope the DPP listens o their concerns.