July 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting July 12, 2011

Present: Bob Bourke, Bob Sanders, Cal Clemmer, Steve Brennan, Cindy Turner, Rod Castanha, Kelly Adams, Franklin Denis, Darren Rogers
Absent: Frank Schumann, Glenn Magyar, Sue Alden, Karla Maosi, Kelo Maosi
With a proxy from Frank Schumann, a quorum was declared and the meeting called to order at 7:17 pm

Approval of Minutes The minutes from the June 7, 2011 meeting were reviewed and approved without amendments.

Financial Report Margie reports that we currently have $61,000 in the checking account. The response to the annual mailing has been good with 134 paid fees which is at the August number for last year. Of those, 28 are from Kukilakila and 7 are associate residents.

Margie shared several of the messages that were sent with the fees as well as some of the phone calls. Many were related to the current algae problem. There were some thank yous and a $30 donation. Margie will ask Glenn to write a thank you for the donation.

The $32,000 CD matures this month and as the current rates are so low it is felt that it would be better to take the money out and place it is savings at this time. Margie will handle the paperwork.

Lake Algae Clean-up Kelly reported that Pono Pacific was the only company to provide a bid for the algae removal. A contract which includes removal and disposal for under $30,000 has been signed with ELRA providing some of the labor. They are scheduled to begin orientation this week and start work on Monday 7/18/11. The work should take 25 days. No permit was required which saved some funds. A thank you to Debra Martin for writing the terms and conditions of the contract.

Kaopa Claim, Status We have not heard from Delta recently and the 10 day deadline for a response will be next week. Bob B made a motion to authorize the attorney pay for 16 hours to file a suit if there is no response by the deadline. The motion was seconded (Kelly) and passed unanimously. Cindy suggested naming the landowner in the suit. The hours spent on algae removal and a dredging quote will be obtained and documented.

Dredging Project/Federal Funds No report

City Permit/Berm Openings/Lake Health No update

Noaa/Mangrove Project report A clean-up was held on Saturday, 7/9.

Amendment and By-law Re-do No report

Security Officer Report No report

Lake Clean Up Report There have been four Lake clean-ups to remove algae. One clean-up was covered on KITV news. Bob B has invented a scooping method using fencing on the front of the boat which works well. Kukilakila has been very helpful in assisting with the clean-ups and allowing use of the boat ramp and disposal bin.

Annual Meeting Rod will verify the menu with MidPac. Guest speakers were discussed with a suggestion to invite the new director of DLNR. The invited guests will include Sen. Jill Tokuda. Rep. Pono Chong and City Councilman Ikaika Anderson. It was suggested that we invite Mayor Peter Carlisle and Lt. Gov Brian Schatz. Steve will contact the Lt. Gov’s office.

July 4th Flotilla Bob S reported that there were 25 people, 3 barges, 4 kayaks, one Zodiac and 2 dogs that participated in the flotilla.

Community Boards attendance Bob B attended the June meeting and reported on the algae. The siphon contract is stalled due to a death in the office. Cindy will attend in August (8/4/11) and Kelly in Sept (9/1/11)

Newsletter The goal is to get a newsletter out around the first of August. Items will include the Annual Dinner/Meeting (Cindy), report on the flotilla (Bob S), pictures from Cal, and a clean-up report (Bob B)

Old Business The Lake meter is working. No boundary sign yet. Kukilakila proposal postponed during algae clean-up. Discussion regarding the barge engine came to the conclusion that a smaller (4-6 HP) engine would be sufficient. Bob S will get new quotes.

New Business Steve suggested forming a committee to submit a 319 grant proposals to prevent increased sedimentation. Steve, Bob B. Cindy and Kelly will be involved. Bob S suggested having his wife, Christine review the proposal.

Kelly has suggested the ELRA go on Facebook. It was agreed that this would give us a more up to date method of getting messages to the residents. Kelly is willing to set up the account. Bob S would like it to be unveiled at the October 15th meeting.

Rod had contacted a writer from the Star-Advertiser and good article was written. He will follow-up once clean-up is underway .

Future meeting dates are: 8/2/11, 9/8/11, 10/11/11.

Meeting Recap KCA/Kailua Board Points


  • Thank you to KCA for assistance with algae clean up, use of ramp and disposal bin
  • Clean-up of algae to begin 7/18/11 with $30,000 allocated for the work
  • Contact with Delta stagnant with deadline approaching


  • Algae clean-up underway with use of some local labor hires. First phase estimated at $30,000 which almost equals annual budget
  • Additional 5 volunteer algae clean-ups which have pulled out between 7-30 cubic yards/clean-up.
  • Berm status continues with no openings
  • Delta status unchanged

The meeting was adjourned at 8:46pm


To Do List

  • Bob S Thank you to Kukilakila for algae assistance, barge engine estimates, flotilla article for newsletter with pictures from Cal
  • Bob B Contact attorney about Delta deadline, article for newsletter about clean-up
  • Cindy-Newsletter (annual meeting info), KNB meeting 8/4/11, committee for 319 proposal,
  • Steve-Contact Lt. Gov office for dinner speaker, committee for 319 proposal
  • Kelly-Facebook, committee for 319 proposal, KNB 9/1/11
  • Margie-CD to savings account, audit
  • Rod-contact Star-advertiser for follow-up, menu for annual dinner
  • Glenn-thank you for donation from resident (Margie will give him info)