July 2016 Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Monthly Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Present:  Greg Colbert, Margaret Novack, Jean Fernie, Michele Compton, Dick Vonier, Rod Castanha, George Lingle, Gus Gustavson, Bob Molyneux, Al Richardson, Shannon Oshiro, Bob Tassie, Cindy Turner (Web Master), and Bob Bourke (Scientific Advisor).

Absent:  Jean Compton, Doug Kroll, and Melody Spencer (Administrative Assistant).

A quorum was called and the meeting was called to order at 7:05pm.

Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of the June 14th meeting were approved with the addition of a paragraph by G. Colbert.

Finance Report:  G. Gustavson reported that we have received a settlement check from the litigation.  Out of this we will be reimbursing our members the monies they paid for the special assessment. G. Gustavson has crafted letters to go out with each of these checks.  M. Compton will assist in finding addresses of owners who have moved by checking tax records.

J. Fernie moved that we elect G. Gustavson treasurer for ELRA.  M. Compton seconded.  Motion passed.  B. Tassie moved that G. Gustavson be our system administrator for our American Savings online banking system.  B. Molyneux seconded.  Motion passed. G. Colbert will provide the updated list of signers, Greg Colbert, Gus Gustavson, Margaret Novack and Melody Spencer to American Savings.

Due to our recent increase in our treasury, A. Richardson requested permission to hire Aloha State Tax Service to back up his research on our tax obligations. A motion to approve was made by G. Gustavson and seconded by M. Compton.  The motion passed.  We are currently (through our fiscal year ending 6/30/16) a Section 501(c)(7) organization that files a Form 990-EZ.  However, this has changed with the settlement of the litigation.  In earlier years we either had no filing tax requirement at all or could file using a post card form since our receipts did not exceed certain minimums.

B. Bourke resubmitted his bill for barge rental and algae cleanup of the lake done in 2011.

Committee Reports:
Strategic Plans:  M. Novack discussed the action list from last month.  S. Oshiro now has a working engine and will tow the dock and patrol boat to his property.  We are deferring the plan to assign nicknames to portions of the lake.  C. Turner will order 8 new lake signs.  B. Bourke will send a previously used letter to M. Novack, requesting the City to open the Kaelepulu Stream berm.   M. Novack will update the letter to our current situation.   R. Castanha will contact MidPac Country Club to secure a date for our annual dinner meeting.  All Fridays in October will be considered.

Lake Maintenance:  S. Oshiro will tow the dock and patrol boat to his property within 1 ½ weeks.  He will then contact Mike Compton who will look at the engine and repair if possible or someone will be hired to do it.  G. Lingle will help with the towing.

Lake Health:  B. Bourke reported that the berm has not been opened since February.  We are very lucky that the lake is fairly high at 1.8ft.  At present, we have an abundance of algae.  So if the berm is opened at the wrong time and the lake drops considerably, we will have large pads of algae exposed.  Additionally, B. Bourke reported that Kailua Canoe Club had asked for our help in a mangrove removal project from the stream.  He brought his barge down and did the hauling of cut branches to the beach park.

Community Relations:  D. Vonier monitored the July 7th Neighborhood board meeting.  Several items of interest were beach deterioration/maintenance, police and fire dept. activities and problems with control of tax payments by illegal b and b owners.  There were no issues relating to Enchanted Lake.  M. or J. Compton will monitor the August 4th meeting.                                                                                              G. Lingle reported that four boats rallied for the 4th of July fireworks display.  It was deemed a success and we will do it again next year.

DPP:  G. Colbert stated that we still do not have a draft of the DPP.  It is being reviewed by Gail Tamashiro, head of the senior legal staff of KS on behalf of the trustees.  It is hoped we will have a draft in hand in 2 weeks.  It was decided to try to get a meeting place for a DPP informational meeting on August 17th at 7pm.  Ideally, we will have documents in hand for signatures.   M. Compton will check with St. John Vianney, and J. Fernie will check with Enchanted Lake Grade School.

Executive Session:  Executive session was called by the President.
Next Meeting Date:  The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday August 9, 2016.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:58 pm.