June 2015 Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association, Board Meeting, June 16, 2015

Present: Greg Colbert, Margaret Novack, Bob Molyneux, Michele Compton, George Lingle, Stephen Kofsky, Alan Richardson, Shannon Oshiro, Bob Bourke (Scientific advisor), Melody Spencer (Administrative Assistant)

Absent: Doug Kroll, Rod Castanha, Kelly Adams, Kelo Maosi, Cindy Turner (Webmaster)

A quorum was declared and the meeting called to order at 7:05 pm.

Approval of Minutes The minutes for the April 14th and May 26th meeting and May 1st Special Meeting were reviewed and approved.

Ongoing Business:

Financial Report- As Treasurer Doug Kroll was not present, Melody presented current financial spreadsheet. Melody reported that several residents have sent in their special assessment payment for the 2014-2015 fiscal year. As agreed by board, financial spreadsheet will be updated for and reconciled at month’s end.

Executive Session:

The board went into Executive Session to discuss the update/status of ongoing litigation. In addition to the board, Bob Bourke was also included as he is a part of the litigation liaison committee.

Return to Regular Session:

Encroachment Agreements – An update to information regarding encroachments for both buyers and sellers was made by Greg and will be posted on the website. Encroachment agreements require that 2 board members sign off on them. The agrrement also requires that the seller is paid up with their dues and assessments and obligates the property to stay current on future fees and assessments.

KCA Update Greg informed the Board that the Kukilakila Community Association is considering our proposal to make payments as a group. A member on their board, who is an attorney, will draft a response.

Block Captain Updates Captains to continue meeting with residents. The quarterly reports we will be receiving from Title Guaranty will assist with regard to the homeowners’ information.

Kamehameha Schools DPP development effort – Greg continues to work with Kamehameha Schools on a strategy for a long-term sustainability plan.

Lake Health Bob B. stated that there are a lot of cocopods in the lake and oxygen levels are improving. He shared that, on the other hand, too much algae can equal to too much cocopods. Due to the siphoning of Kawainui Marsh, we are gaining elevation in the lake level. Bob reported that the lake is 6” higher than it would have been without the siphoning. City & County will be opening the berm tomorrow morning. Bob stated that he is still waiting on response from Board of Water Supply as to when they are going to look at pipe and make repairs.

Shannon Oshiro reported that he has gone out after big rain to pick up branches and other debris from the lake. He stated that he has not gone out on any big cleanups lately. No security issues have been reported.

The Board discussed having a 4th of July flotilla. Meeting time will be 6 pm at the middle of the lake. Information will be posted on website.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 pm.