June 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association, Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, June 12, 2018 

Present:  A. Richardson, J. Compton, B. Molyneux, S. Harding, G. Lingle, B. Tassie, J. Fernie, G. Colbert, and M. Compton.

Absent:  G. Gustavson, M. Novack, S. Oshiro, R. Castanha, D. Vonier, and M. Spencer (Administrative Assistant).

A quorum was called by G. Colbert and the meeting was called to order at 7:08pm. 

Approval of Minutes:  S. Harding moved and G. Lingle seconded the May 8th minutes be approved.

Finance:  A. Richardson reported on the CD and the Capital One Money Market Account.  For the month of May we collected $511 in late charges on overdue lake maintenance fees.  There has been a drop in Accounts Receivable from the previous month as we have collected $1950 in delinquent maintenance fees.

Dredging: S. Harding reported the Dredge Project is currently within the approved budget.  No funds have been spent beyond those authorized for Oceanit contracting services.  It has been 2 ½ months since the DOH 401WQC was submitted.  DOH usually takes 4 – 12 months to provide response.  He is also working with Oceanit on final edits to the Preconstruction Notification (PCN) for the Nationwide Permit No. 35 (NWP 35) submittal to the Amy Corps of Engineers (ACoE).  Once approved by the ELRA Dredge Committee, we expect to have PCN submitted no later than 06/22/18.  Planning will begin for public outreach and notification of the dredge project on ELRA lake property.

Lake Maintenance:  M. Compton reported that S. Oshiro’s boat was observed cleaning the lake last weekend.  Three high school students were doing the work.

Nomination Committee:  B. Molyneux is talking to prospective new Board members. ELRA proxy agreements have been sent out to lake dwellers with a call for board nominations also.

By-Laws:  The By-Laws were discussed.

Next Meeting Date:  The next meeting will be on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 7pm in the A & B meeting room.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:48pm.


Action List:  6/12/18

17/9-2:          S. Oshiro:  Continue quest for permanent lake cleaner.