March 2016 Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting, Enchanted Lake Residents Association, March 8, 2016

Present: Greg Colbert, Margaret Novack, Michele Compton(via tele-link), Jean Fernie, Dick Vonier, Shannon Oshiro, Bob Tassie, Doug Kroll, Bob Molyneux, Bob Bourke (Scientific Advisor), Melody Spencer (Administrative Assistant).

Absent: Jean Compton, Gus Gustavson, Rod Castanha, Al Richardson, George, Lingle, Cindy Turner (Webmaster).

A quorum was called and the meeting was called to order by G. Colbert at 7:01pm. In regard to what constitutes a quorum, as mentioned in the February 8th meeting, B. Tassie stated that he would review the By-Laws for a more specific reference.

Approval of Minutes: The minutes for the February 8th meeting were approved with two corrections.  Under Community Relations – change  Leads to Ocean) ON many streets…and the last sentence under Kukilakila Dredging should be MOVED to be last sentence under DPP.

Finance Report: D. Kroll distributed the current financial spreadsheet for the Directors’ review.  He commented the attorney’s fees were close to an end, and our fiscal health was better now.  Also, our largest normal bill for the year, insurance, has been paid.  G. Colbert stated the final bills from the attorneys will not arrive until the settlement is received. Concern was raised that many annual maintenance fee payments from lake residents were overdue.

Committee Reports:

Community relations-
•    Kailua Neighborhood Board Report: The KNB meeting was monitored this month by J. Compton.  The Board agenda listed a motion regarding SB2245which amends the definition of “water pollutant” as used in chapter 342D, HRS, to exclude locally sourced beach sand that meets certain conditions.  This pertains to where sand excavated from stream mouths by the City could be deposited.  The KNB motion providing testimony on this bill was withdrawn. The next meeting of Donna Wong’s committee will be on March 15th at Kalama Beach Club and B. Bourke and B. Molyneux will attend.  M. Novack suggested we have a document stating ELRA’s opinion on the sand issue.  B. Bourke will prepare a statement for G. Colbert’s signature.
•    Legislation regarding the Canal:  B. Bourke, as Scientific Advisor, wrote an email to Kuulei Moses in support of a BLNR decision not to require an environmental assessment for the DLNR/City project to remove mangrove from Kaelepulu Stream running behind Kailua Town. Funding was appropriated in the 2013-2014 session.  If not approved by June of this year, these funds will lapse. If that happens, it will require a very time consuming environmental assessment.

•    Finance:  A. Richardson’s report stated that the accounting firm in Kailua chosen to handle our accounting will not be available until after tax time, April 15th. A. Richardson will prepare a template to go forward as soon as the firm is ready. G. Colbert indicated he had a colleague who may be an alternative to this plan.  He and A. Richardson will confer on this.
•    Audit:  In consultation with G. Gustavson, the Audit is not yet complete.

Lake Maintenance
•    Maintenance Letter: S. Oshiro now has a copy of the letter requesting maintenance of docks, lakeside trees etc., to use when necessary.  Regarding cleanup, he will be removing a tire from Kimo’s Cove.
•    Lake Health: B. Bourke reported the current lake health is good.  During the last berm opening, many papio were spotted from the bridge by Buzz’s, trying to exit to the ocean.  This is a sign of good lake health. The syphon in the marsh has been off for about five months and the lake height is between 1.65 to 1.7feet.
•    Kukilakila Dredging:  B. Bourke has talked to Matt at Goodfellows. Their revised right of entry document has been received by James Adams.  At this time, we have not received his comments.
•    Water Quality Testing Plan:  B. Bourke has contacted a person to draft a plan.  The testing will be done twice a year, summer and winter, at several specific locations.
Public Service Project: S. Oshiro stated Franklin Dennis from Le Jardin may still be interested in the mangrove removal project.  However, it would need to be completed before April 15th.

Strategic Plans-
•    Calendar:   We are now tracking milestones needed toward the development of the DPP extension.
•    Action Item List:  (1) S. Oshiro now has a copy of the letter regarding the maintenance of lakeside trees, docks, etc. (2) All directors now have a copy of the list showing who has not paid maintenance fees and also a list of special assessment fees collected per household. (3) S. Oshiro will move the patrol boat and dock to his wall soon. (4) C. Turner will order the lake signs soon.
•    New Topics: (1) ELRA Email Management: M. Novack stated that there seems to be some confusion of how our ELRA email is being managed. Additionally, M. Spencer indicated that she believes that the current email address list has not been updated for over a year. (2) Newsletter: It was generally agreed that we need to have newsletters sent out more often.  This is particularly true as we move toward the required approval of the DPP extension. (3) D. Kroll pointed out that, while we have “named” certain parts of our lake…such as Kimo’s Cove, we might want to “name” other parts of the lake.  This will help newcomers navigate the lake and will also serve to recognize certain individuals or families who have made great contributions to the well-being of the lake.

DPP/Articles of Incorporation/By-Laws
DPP:  G. Colbert is working with Beverly Hiramatsu to develop a time line for the DPP.  They will need to meet with Kukilakila to see if they wish to participate.  After the DPP is approved, we will need to update our Articles of Incorporation and then update our By-Laws.  G. Colbert will ask Beverly to be present at our next meeting to walk us through the plan.

Next Meeting Date:  The next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 12, 2016.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:13pm.