March 2018 Meeting Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association, Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Present:  S. Harding, M. Compton (by phone), D. Vonier, G. Gustavson, A. Richardson, R. Castanha, J. Fernie, B. Tassie, J. Compton, B. Molyneux, G. Lingle, S. Oshiro, M. Spencer (Administrative Assistant), and C. Turner (Webmaster).

Absent: G. Colbert and M. Novack.

A quorum was called by G. Gustavson and the meeting was called to order at 7:03pm.

Approval of Minutes:  G. Gustavson moved and B. Tassie seconded the February 13th minutes be approved as amended.

Finance:  It was reported by G. Gustavson that there has been little change from last month’s report.  As of now, $74,000 has been spent on the dredging project.  We went into overdraft on our American Savings account.  Money was transferred and the problem taken care of.  To alleviate this happening again, our accountant will open all mail from American Savings immediately.

Strategic Planning:  We will have B. Hiramatsu review our Encroachment Agreement and bring it up to date. R. Castanha has secured October 20th for our Annual Meeting at Mid-Pac Country Club.  He was able to keep our 2017 menu and price of $49.95. Thank you Rod! B. Molyneux reminded us that six board members’ terms are up in 2018.  We need to actively seek new members.  This can be brought up at our special meeting on April 17th.

Community Relations:  The March 1st meeting of the Kailua Neighborhood Board was monitored by M. Compton and J. Fernie.  A resident stated that the mangrove removal project in the canal adjacent to the Hamakua Street bridge is still very messy and filled with floating clippings.  When the sand plug is removed, all this flotsam will flow into Kailua Bay. A spokesman from the Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station reported that the Marines had done a major cleanup of Nu’upia Pond – removing invasive species and any trash.  The KK gravity flow tunnel has been completed and will be operational in June 2018. It has the capacity to store up to 9 million gallons of water (during heavy rainfall) and release it slowly when the sewer system is not at capacity.

Lake Maintenance:  S. Oshiro reported that a cleanup of Kimo’s Cove was done via land.  It is not yet complete. C. Turner has met with the Dept. of Health regarding the runoff from the Olomana Hills project during recent heavy rains.

Dredging:  S. Harding reported that our permits are ready to be submitted.  Jordan Moniuszko will soon be meeting with the Department of Health.  G. Gustavson will also be present at that meeting. Eleven dredging companies have been approached for this project.  Five wish to be included in the RFP.  Much discussion ensued pertaining to sites for removing dredging spoils from the lake.

By-Laws:  We will have a special meeting at 6:30pm on April 17th at Enchanted Lake Elementary School.  This will be to vote on approval of the new By-Laws, discuss dredging progress and ask for new Board volunteers.  Methods to share the new By-Laws prior to the meeting were discussed. Our website will have a link where members can access the new By-Laws. It was decided that a letter would be drafted by G. Gustavson and M. Novack to be sent to all lake residents.  It will be sent out on or before March 17th 2018.  A proxie sheet will be included for all who will be unable to attend.

Next Meeting Date:  The next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 at 7pm in the A & B meeting room.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:35.


Action List:  3/13/18

17/9-2          S. Oshiro   Continue quest for permanent lake cleaner.

18/1-2           J. Fernie   Ask canoe clubs to help encourage City and County to open the berm on a regular basis – when it will be most beneficial for a good water exchange.

18/3-1           M. Novack & G. Gustavson   Draft a letter regarding special 4/17 meeting to be sent to lake members.