March 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes,  Tuesday, March 12, 2019

 Present:  G. Colbert, M, Novack, A. Richardson, G. Gustavson, S. Harding, D. Young, B. Tassie, D. Kroll, J. Fernie, and C. Turner (Webmaster).  M. Compton arrived at 8:39.

Guest:  Randall Hew.

Absent:  G. Lingle and M. Spencer (Administrative Assistant).

A quorum was called by G. Colbert and the meeting was called to order at 7:02pm. 

Our guest, R. Hew had the floor for 15 minutes to discuss his concerns.

Approval of Minutes:  D. Young moved and G. Gustavson seconded the minutes of the February 12th meeting be approved as corrected. 

Finance:  G. Gustavson presented the financial report.  He had previously sent us copies for our perusal. He reported that as a nonprofit, we must pay taxes on money we earn as interest.  This year that will total approximately $20,000.  J. Fernie moved and M. Novack seconded the Financial Report be approved as presented.  Motion passed.  There was discussion regarding the Irrevocable Trust documents that need to be formulated by the Woods Firm.  The cost is approximately $5,000.  A. Richardson moved and D. Kroll seconded this expenditure be approved.  The motion passed.  The Trust will pay taxes on interest earned on monies held in the Trust.  J. Fernie moved and G. Gustavson seconded that M. Novack, A. Richardson, and D. Young be our appointed trustees.  The motion passed.      

Strategic Plans:  G. Colbert has been unable to make contact with Andy Char regarding the Articles of Incorporation.  M. Novack and D. Young will schedule a meeting and take this task.  We also need to get an updated inventory from Cynthia at Title Guarantee before May 30th.  A copy of the new ELRA Welcome Letter was presented.  It outlines how the lake was formed and some of the benefits and rules of Enchanted Lake.  B. Tassie moved and G. Gustavson seconded we approve the letter.  Motion passed.  G. Colbert will sign it and it will be delivered to all new lake dwellers.

Lake Health:  SB 1072, regarding restoration of streamflow from Kawainui Marsh to Kawainui Stream, is now dead. D. Young stated that it could still possibly get in as a CAP line item.  A catch and release policy for all fishing in the lake was unanimously approved.  This will be included in the revised version of the Lake Rules.

Community Relations:  D. Young attended the March Kailua Neighborhood Board Meeting.  Regarding matters pertaining to the Lake:  There was discussion of further removal of mangroves in the Stream and brown water in the Bay, but no mention of the opening of the berm by Buzz’s.

Dredging Actions:  S. Harding reported that the Dept. of Health has still not reviewed our permit.  They have until March 29th, 2019 to do so.  Plans are ready to be put into place, once all permits have been approved.

EcoHarvester:  A. Richardson has made several calls and emails to the EcoHarvester firm in Minnesota to obtain a firm updated price as the original quote was from October 2018.  As C. Turner made the original communications with this firm, she volunteered to follow up also.

Executive session was called.  

Next Meeting Date:  The next meeting will be Tuesday, April 9th , 2019 at 7:00pm at Emmanuel Episcopal Church at 780 Keolu Drive, Kailua.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:19pm.