May 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association, Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Present:  M. Novack, A. Richardson, S. Harding, B. Molyneux, D. Vonier, B. Tassie, S. Oshiro, J. Fernie, J. Compton, G. Lingle, M. Spencer (Administrative Assistant), C. Turner (Webmaster), and guest Joelle Simonpietra.

Absent:  G. Colbert, M. Compton, R. Castanha, and G. Gustavson

A quorum was called by M. Novack and the meeting was called to order at 7pm.

Approval of Minutes:  D. Vonier moved and S. Harding seconded the April 10th minutes be approved.

Finance:  A. Richardson reported that the letter sent out regarding overdue maintenance fees was very effective.  We have also received monies from properties recently sold that were in arrears.

Strategic Plans:  B. Molyneux is working on the nominations for the next Annual Meeting.  B. Tassie will be doing an audit of our finances.  It was debated :  Should we hire an outside professional?  A. Richardson said a similar audit of our books would cost about $5000. M. Novack asked if our accountant has a time date stamp for our incoming mail, so that we would know exactly when a piece of mail has been received by us.  A. Richardson will check with them.  We were reminded that our Annual Meeting and election is on October 20, 2018.

Community Relations:  D. Vonier monitored the May Kailua Neighborhood Board meeting.  In regards to the lake, he reported that many of the public speakers know that the berm closes naturally.  Some feel it should only be opened in an emergency. C. Turner reported on a meeting held at the beach on April 27, 2018.  It was attended by Aecos, several engineers, and DLNR among others.  She is compiling a newsletter to go out to all lake dwellers regarding the special meeting.  There will also be a page on our website requesting residents clean up the lake in front of their property as they are able. Our 2 new floating berms will be noted.  Addresses and emails of those in charge of berm openings and also clean water (DOH) will be included.

Lake Maintenance:  S. Oshiro has made several attempts to tow the large grass mat that appeared to be floating near his end of the lake.  It was determined that it was rooted and immoveable.  But it appears to be decomposing on its own.  They continue to clean the area by our 2 floating berms.

Dredging:  S. Harding reported Dredge Project is currently within the approved budget.  Department of Health (DOH) 401 Water Quality Certification application was submitted and DOH provided written receipt 03/29/18.  It was noted that the DOH usually takes 4-12 months to provide response.  In the meantime, he is conferring with potential dredging firms, trucking companies, Kamehameha Schools, etc. to further discuss the project concepts.

By-Laws:   Work continues with B. Hiramatsu on updating the By-Laws.

Next Meeting Date:  The next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 12th, 2018 at 7pm in the A & B meeting room.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm.