November 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting November 10, 2011

Present: Bob Bourke, Clem Clemmer, Cindy Turner, Kelly Adams, Steve Brennan, Bruce Jahnke, Franklin Denis, Rod Castanha, Gus Gustavson, Don Young
Absent: Darren Rogers, Sue Alden, Kelo Maosi, Glenn Magyar
Guests: Kathy Kelly, John Kelly

With proxies from Glenn Magyar and Sue Alden, a quorum was declared and the meeting called to order at 7:05pm

An introduction of new Board members was made; Bruce Jahnke, Gus Gustavson, Don Young

Approval of Minutes There was a correction to the October 5th, 2011 minutes under the clean-up report. It should read Bob is scheduled to remove sandbags placed in an effort to control sediment run-off during Delta construction. With this correction there was a motion (Kelly) and a second (Gus) to approve the minutes. The motion passed.

Guest Speaker: Kathy Kelly, past ELRA president discussed some concerns regarding the audit of the financial records. A payment made to attorneys last year lacks documentation. This payment was made for review of the by-laws. Bob is working on obtaining the receipt for these services which will specify what work was done. Kathy is also concerned about the $4825 NOAA grant for canal mangrove clean-up outside the Lake boundary. Bob explained that mangroves growing along the canal would eventually seed and enter the Lake thus causing regrowth. There will be no further funds from this project as ELRA does not have the proper non-profit status for this type of grant. Kathy and a group of concerned ELRA residents have reviewed the draft of the by-laws. It is their opinion that this work does not specifically relate to the situation on the Lake and is excessive. Bob invited this committee to write up their complaints and bring them to a board meeting. It was explained that the attorney who reviewed the documents noted inconsistencies and felt it was timely to update them. The draft will be put on the Web site. It was suggested that a subcommittee be formed to meet with Sue and work on a new draft. Concern about the recent Lake expenditures was noted. (link to Current Bylaws | Draft Bylaws )

Delta Claim A mediator has been selected and a meeting should take place within two weeks. Steve made a motion to have Bob S attend mediation with Bob B. There was a second (Gus) and the motion passed. Cindy would also like to attend. Bob B and Linda will write the mediation presentation. DOH has yet to respond to the violation of the Clean Water Act.

Financial Report Margie reports that we have $4600 in the checking account and $4,500 in payments due. We have been fortunate to receive some past fees and some monies from escrow. Expenses expected include increasing D&O insurance premium (extra $1700).

There was a motion (Cindy) and a second (Rod) to transfer $10,000 into the checking account from savings. The motion passed.

New ELRA Facebook Page The Facebook site is up and running. Kelly and Cindy are administrators. Kelly will post current photos.

Liability Insurance Increase The General Lake Liability plan has been increased with now 5 million coverage. This premium was $10,800. The D&O Insurance is pending and it is anticipated that we will need to spend an additional $1700. Bob mentioned that we may be able to decrease these premiums at some point in the future.

City Permit/Berm Openings/Lake Health The siphon project has not moved forward. The City has a new drainage permit. The berm has not been opened this month and optimum opening dates will be the week of the 21st. Lake elevation is currently 1.52 ft. which is average.

NOAA/Mangrove Project report There is a decrease in enthusiasm for this project but Bob will continue with what labor he can find.

Amendment and By-law Re-do As discussed above a subcommittee will continue to work on the draft.

Security Officer Report No report. Kelo has agreed to remain as Watch Officer and give verbal reports for the meetings. There has been an increase in commercial kayaks using the Lake. It was suggested that we may need boundary signs printed in Japanese as well as English. The kayak companies should be reminded to inform renters that the Lake is private. Canoe clubs are allowed to use the Lake and are covered under our insurance.

Annual Meeting Follow-up It was felt that the meeting went well with 82 guests attending.

Community Boards attendance KNB does not meet in December. Cindy will attend the January 5th meeting.

Newsletter There was much discussion about going to an email version of the newsletter while still accommodating those who prefer a mailed newsletter or do not have email. It was suggested that we do a more frequent e-newsletter and continue a twice a year mailing. The first e-newsletter should go out by Dec 10th and include information about the flotilla, annual meeting re-cap, algae update, new board members, picture of Samoan crab and information on environmentally friendly lawn care.

Old Business We need an organizer for the December 18th flotilla.

New Business Nominations for officers was opened. The following were nominated;

  • Sue Alden – President
  • Cindy Turner – 1st Vice-President
  • Bob Bourke – 2nd Vice-President
  • Glenn Magyar – Secretary
  • Darren Rogers – Treasurer
  • Kelo Maosi – Watch Officer

There was a motion and a second to accept the slate of officers and it passed.

Cindy mentioned a UH research project on Coots. The City and County cleaned the wetland stream. There was an article in the paper about oyster growing in fishponds. Discussed feasibility of ELRA putting together oyster growing kitsfor lake residents for purchase.

Next meeting December 8th. Cindy’s House 7pm

The meeting was adjourned at 8:53pm


To Do List

  • Bob – mediation, prep with Linda
  • Cindy – e-newsletter, mediation
  • Margie – bank signature cards, transfer funds
  • Kelly – Facebook photos