November 2014 Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association, Board of Directors Monthly Meeting, November 11, 2014

Present: Greg Colbert, Margaret Novack, Jennifer Creedon, Alan Richardson, Stephen Kofsky, Michele Compton, Doug Kroll, Shannon Oshiro, Bob Molyneux, Gus Gustavson (Volunteer litigation committee),Bob Bourke (Scientific advisor), Cindy Turner (Webmaster), Melody Spencer (Administrative assistant)

Absent: Rod Castanha, Linda Jenks, Kelly Adams, George Lingle, Kelo Maosi

A quorum was declared and the meeting called to order at 7:06pm

Approval of Minutes The minutes for the July 8, August 19, September 9 and October 14, 2014 meetings were reviewed and approved upon correction to the August 19, 2014 minutes.

Introduction of Board of Directors A brief introduction of current and new board of directors was made.  Appreciation was extended to Gus Gustavson who has volunteered to continue on as part of the litigation committee.

Ongoing Business:

Election of Officers Nominations were opened for the office of President.  After lengthy discussion, Greg Colbert agreed to fill this office.  The slate of officers was nominated as follows:

Greg Colbert– President

Margaret Novack– 1st Vice President

Stephen Kofsky– 2nd Vice President

Kelly Adams– Secretary

Jennifer Creedon– Treasurer

Bob M. made a motion to accept this slate.  The motion passed with a second from Michele Compton.  All were in favor.

Board of Directors area of focus:

Greg- Continue working on DPP & Bi-laws: updating Articles of incorporation

Margaret- Strategic Planning (maintenance plan)

Stephen- Litigation Committee

Kelly Adams- Kukilakila Liaison

Jennifer- Head of Finance Committee

Rod- TBD/Community Relations

Michele- Head of Community Relations

Linda- TBD/Community Relations

Doug- Finance Committee

George- TBD/Community Relations

Kelo- Lake Watch/Security

Bob- Litigation Committee, Nomination Committee

Shannon- Lake Maintenance

Alan- Finance Committee, DPP & Bi-Laws, Audit

Financial Report The Profit & Loss report and the current balances were reviewed.  Jennifer reported that all bills are current and there are no pending expenses at this time.

Delinquencies  Instead of sending reminding letters, the Board will go out into the community and discussing resident’s accounts directly.  Block captains will be responsible for designated resident homes and will be available to answer any questions the residents may have.  Michele offered to organize the block assignments.

Lake Health Bob B. reported that the lake is nice and high.  He stated that the last opening was on schedule and there was a good exchange back and forth.  Because the berm had not been opened for some time, the water from Kawainui stream was stagnant. When it flowed out, it resulted in a fish kill near the Wanaao Bridge where Kawainui Stream joins Kaelepulu Stream. There was no fish kill in the pond. Bob further shared that some of the species of fish which were killed — mullet, ama ama and papio— have not been seen in abundance here in a long time.

Bob is working on getting hull identification of lake boat for registration.

Executive Session:

The board went into Executive Session to discuss the update/status of ongoing litigation.  In addition to the board, Gus Gustavson, Bob Bourke and Cindy Turner were also included as they are a part of the litigation liaison committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 pm