November 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Present:  G. Colbert, Mike Compton (via phone), G. Gustavson, S. Harding, A. Richardson, J. Bean, D. Medeiros, G. Lingle, D. Kroll, D. Young, J. Fernie, M. Novack, L. Jenks,  C. Turner (Web Master), and M. Spencer (Administrative Assistant) .

Absent:  R. Castanha.

Prior to starting the meeting, we introduced ourselves to the new members and then new members Danny Medeiros and Linda   Jenks did the same.

A quorum was called by G. Colbert and the meeting was called to order at 7:12 pm.

Approval of Minutes:  The September minutes were approved as corrected and the October minutes were approved as presented.

Election of Officers:  M. Novack was unanimously elected President.  D. Young is the first Vice President.  G. Colbert is the second Vice President.  G. Gustavson is Treasurer assisted by A. Richardson.  J. Fernie is Secretary.  Committee Chair slots remain open.

Finance:  G. Gustavson had previously sent out copies of the report via email.  The boat insurance is higher as the EcoHarvester has been added to the policy.  The report was approved.  Mike Compton wants to talk to G. Gustavson and A. Richardson to clarify several items prior to approving the financial report for last year.

Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws:  D. Young moved and A. Richardson seconded we contract Hawaii Registered Agent LLC as the registered agent for ELRA at an annual rate not to exceed $100.  The motion passed unanimously.  D. Young moved and G. Gustavson seconded that we approve the revised Articles of Incorporation and send them to Andy Char for a final review.   The motion passed unanimously.  The By-Laws are in the final stages of revision and will be presented for discussion at the December meeting.

Community Relations Committee:   There was a discussion of the October Annual Meeting.  It was agreed we need to start planning and working on it earlier in 2020.  To that end, Michele Compton has already reserved our next year’s date – October 17, 2020, at Mid-Pac Country Club.  G. Lingle will monitor the Kailua Neighborhood Board meeting in December.

Under Goals and Objectives, we need to find a way to store our records in the “cloud.”  DropBox and Google Drive were suggested.  D. Young thought Google Drive was better for our purposes.  L. Jenks volunteered to help M. Spenser and J. Fernie with this project.  M. Novack wants to be sure it can be accessed easily to check encroachment agreements, dock licenses, money matters, etc.  M. Spencer needs someplace to store paperwork that comes to her on a monthly basis.

Operations Committee:  J. Bean spoke to Shannon Oshiro regarding the Nov.11th lake cleanup.  Fifty + large bags of trash were removed from the lake.  Kimo’s Cove, an area of Iopono Loop and areas in front of Kukilakila were the areas where most of the floating debris was removed.  The cleanup was considered a success.

  1. C. Turner reported that had Hugo DeVries had recovered from an injury and was ready to take out the EcoHarvester again. It can harvest about 8 cubic yards of algae per load. They say it shrinks very quickly as it dries on the ground or on a dock. Several Board members volunteered to go out with Hugo.  Turner needs a letter to KCA to ask permission to use their ramp to offload.  The names suggested for the Eco Harvester so far are:  Moku Hana Hou, Limu Koa, Gracie, and Ogo Eater.  We remain open for suggestions.  A. Richardson thought we should address storage, maintenance and operation of the EcoHarvester under Lake Health.  Mike Compton said we need to formalize our policy on powered boats before printing of the Lake Rules booklet.

Executive session was called.

Next Meeting Date:  The next meeting date will be Tuesday, December 10th, 2019 at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church at 7pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:19pm.