October 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association,Board Meeting October 9, 2012

Present: Sue Alden, Clem Clemmer, Cindy Turner, Bill Kinney, Glenn Magyar, Steve Brennan, Kelly Adams, Gus Gustavson, Darren Rogers

Absent: Kelo Maosi, Don Young, Rod Castanha, Franklin Denis, Bob Bourke

A quorum was declared and the meeting called to order at 7:17pm

Approval of Minutes The minutes from the September11, 2012 meeting were reviewed and accepted as written.

Financial The Profit & Loss report and the current balances were reviewed. The mailing for the annual dinner was sent out and there has been a good response. A number of the forms with the questions for the annual meeting have been returned and Kelly will compile the results.

Election/Ballot There has been one nomination for the board along with the three returning board members. Margie and Glenn will create a ballot closer to the annual meeting when all nominations are in.

Annual Meeting agenda Gary Gill will be the guest speaker and should cover Lake health issues.

Sue will conduct the business meeting. Darren will present the financial report and budget. Kelly will cover Lake health. Cindy will have pictures projected that will show the algae work from last year. We will ask Franklin to talk about the oyster project. Glenn will handle the election.

The feedback from the questions sent out will be presented. Discussion of the questions will be held at the end of the meeting.

Amendments and By-laws Re-do There was discussion about the questions sent to the residents and the responses.

Lake Health The berm was opened in September and stayed open for two days. There was some improvement in water quality. We do not know when the next berm opening will be.

Bill will contact Pono Pacific for a quote for monthly Lake clean-ups. We will try to get a second quote. It was noted that there is a lot of rubbish in the culverts that lead into the Lake, specifically the one next to the gas station on Keolu running behind St John Vianney.

Gus has a number to call to report the rubbish. Kelly talked to the Nature Resource Specialist from MCBH. She faces similar problems with the wetlands on base and would be a good source of information for us.

No updates on the Delta Claim, Siphon Project, Development of Wetlands, Watch Officer Report, Boundary Signs, Dredging, Fish Tagging, or Oyster growing.

Facebook/Community Outreach Cindy has added an aerial picture from the early 1950’s.

Newsletter There was a recent e-newsletter posted. Another one will go out next week with reminders about the annual meeting. There will be information about the survey questions and a fish study. Also an article about Samoan crabs.

Kailua Neighborhood Board Bill attended the October meeting. He presented information on the Lake Health. The KNB had many questions and Bill thinks we need to present more information.

The Next Meeting will be November 13, 2012 7pm Kukilakila Pavilion

The meeting was adjourned at 9:11pm

Reminder – Annual Meeting October 27th Mid Pac