October 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association Board of Directors Zoom Meeting, Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Present:  M. Novack, D. Young, G. Colbert, A. Richardson, G. Gustavson, J. Fernie, J. Bean, M. Compton, D. Medeiros, D. Kroll, S. Harding, L. Jenks, M. Spencer (Administrative Assistant), and C. Turner (Webmaster).

Absent:  R. Castanha.

Approval of Minutes:  As all corrections were not seen, the September minutes will be sent out and approved by email.

Finance:  The complete Finance report had been emailed to the Board by G. Gustavson prior to the meeting.  A. Richardson stated he had sent out our Form 990 to all.  We are to check the figures for each of our positions (hours spent per month) and send any corrections to him.

Community Relations:  J. Bean attended this month’s Kailua Neighborhood Board Zoom Meeting.  She noted it was very long.  Some points of interest:  KMCAS has gotten many noise complaints.  This year has had the largest number of green sea turtle hatchlings.  There were complaints that the boat ramp is still closed. The long fought development off Oneawa Street was finally defeated. Questions were asked about the development behind Keolu School.  Chris Lee said because of COVID not much was happening.  C. Turner said a few neighbors reported people walking through the property.  C. Turner reported that Bob Bourke and Hugo DeVries attended the zoom meeting of the Water Pollution of Kailua Waterways subcommittee headed by Levani Lipton.  Most notable – the TMDL is underway.

Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws:  D. Young sent out his report with many attachments on October 9th.  The Articles of Incorporation are still with our attorney.  One more form needs to be completed before the DCCA can accept them.  As the effective date was inadvertently left out of the By-Laws, please discard all previous copies.  A corrected form will be emailed.

Discussion ensued regarding fee scale for the different categories of membership in ELRA.  The Fee discussion was tabled.  Andy Char, our attorney, conveyed that we should have a membership form for assessed members to elect to be members of ELRA or to opt out.  A check off box on annual assessment memo could have a blank where DPP applicants can say – “I do OR I do not elect to become a member of ELRA”.  This checkoff would be sufficient to constitute a membership form for assessed members. C. Turner noted it should also have some wording such as: I understand if I do not want to become a member, I still am obligated to pay the maintenance fee. G. Colbert added that if you live on the lake, you must pay the maintenance assessment.  Membership lets you participate in all lake activities.

A committee was formed of J. Bean, D. Medeiros, and L. Jenks headed by M. Compton to formulate the scope of an Associate Member.  A. Char said it should not be a group – just an individual.   D. Young suggested that on our Membership Form, we have a space asking – “how do you plan to use the lake?”

Committee Reports:                                                                                                              

Lake Security:  M. Compton stated the security boat remains in poor condition.   He would like a list of members who have stickers for their boat, kayaks etc.  M. Spencer said she will send that to him.  There has been no new trouble with night fishing this month.

Kroll reported that the conservation land adjacent to the Delta site has changed hands. The new owners have a New York address. As there has been some activity on the site, C. Turner thought they should be reminded of what they are allowed to do on the land.  Turner will formulate a letter for approval.

The lots owned by Kamehameha Schools have been overrun by 20 to 30 foot tall mangroves. The woman who used to feed the ducks was told to remove any of her items as they wanted the land to “go back to nature”.  Many hours and dollars have been spent to rid our lake of mangroves.  These trees also are favored by cattle egrets, known predators of the endangered Hawaiian Stilt who make our wetland their home. Their feathers and droppings contribute to bad odors in that area gaining complaints from nearby residents.  G. Colbert suggested we call Tom Gray of Kamehameha Schools and ask who we should write a letter to reminding KS of the need to maintain their property.  M. Novack will follow through on this.

 Dredge:  S. Harding reported there was a meeting at the HYCF on October 2nd. The site for the disposal of dredge material was selected. It is easily accessible and will increase the pasture topography and agricultural usefulness.  We now need permits for grading and stockpiling.  It is hoped to have a period of performance about late spring or early summer of 2021.  S. Harding will check on the timing of the project with the property owners of who have volunteered to allow ELRA land use during the dredge.

C. Turner suggested the BOD tour the lake on a barge on a quarterly basis so we all can see potential problems etc.  If COVID 19 is still a factor, perhaps just a video or stills could be taken and sent via email or be shown at the meeting.  The suggestion was well received.

Next Meeting Date:  The next meeting will be Tuesday, November 10th, 2020 at 7pm.  Due to COVID 19, it will probably be a zoom meeting.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:39pm.