September 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting September 8, 2011

Present: Bob Bourke, Cal Clemmer, Cindy Turner, Rod Castanha, Kelly Adams, Sue Alden, Franklin Denis, Darren Rogers, Karla Maosi, Steve Brennan, Glenn Magyar
Absent: Frank Schumann, Bob Sanders, Kelo Maosi

With proxies from Bob Sanders and Frank Schumann, a quorum was declared and the meeting called to order at 7:16pm

Approval of Minutes The minutes from the August 3, 2011 meeting were reviewed and approved without amendments.

Financial Report Margie reports that we currently have $51,000 in the checking account, $32,000 in savings and a $20,000 CD. There is an outstanding balance of approximately $38,000 to Pono Pacific for completion of the algae removal. We currently have 165 paid fees. We have received a certified document naming ELRA as a defendant in a foreclosure action for a property that is not part of our jurisdiction. Margie has contacted the attorney who states a Title company named us as possibly having as claim. Sue will follow up to try to correct this information.

We have received a quote from our general liability insurance to increase our policy to 5 mil coverage. Margie will forward the insurance information for Glenn to review.

Lake Algae Clean-Up Board members viewed the day’s harvest of algae which had been delivered to Cindy and Hugo’s property. There appears to be some discrepancy between actual yield and reported amounts. There was much discussion about the extension of Pono Pacific’s contract and what can be accomplished in the time remaining. $40,000 has been spent with another $10,000 due to complete the contract. Bob distributed daily reports that include pictures of the removed algae with a picture of the daily paper for documentation purposes. He also passed out graphs which detail productivity. It has been determined that the optimum efficiency of the work crew is for between 5-7 workers and this is detailed in the current contract. Kelly shared that the crews have been very receptive to suggestions to increase productivity. There was discussion about which areas should be worked on in the time remaining. There was a motion (Sue) and a second (Steve) to continue to the end of the contract. The motion passed with one no vote. Bob mentioned that there is a conveyor belt system available on Sand Island that needs to be checked out be a mechanic. This would be useful in removing algae. There was a motion (Sue) with a second (Glenn) to allocate up to $200 to a mechanic to check on this machine to determine its condition. The motion passed. Cindy will check with the Lake Wilson project to see what equipment was used.

Delta Claim Bob B and Bob S met with Delta and the attorneys in August. Claims totaling $250,000 were presented. No settlement response has been received. It was decided that the board would like more information from the attorney as to the cost of legal actions and the percentage of a successful conclusion. Bob will set up a meeting for the board with the attorney.

Dredging Project/Federal Funds Ron submitted a permit draft and received a response which asked for more modifications.

City Permit/Berm Openings/Lake Health Kelly attended the KNB meeting and was able to make contact with a representative from the mayor’s office. The Dept of Facilities has promised a berm opening in September. Optimum dates would be Sept 26, 27 or 19th in that order. The siphon project needs to be rewritten.

NOAA/Mangrove Project report The final stage of this project will be this Saturday, beginning at 8:30 am at the Wanaao bridge.

Amendment and By-law Re-do Sue (with help from Steve) has completed the rewrite and it needs to be reviewed by an attorney. Attorney Gary Kerwood will be asked to review and comment for a fee not to exceed $500.00. Copies will be sent to board members with a paragraph describing changes. Changes will be presented at the annual meeting to be voted on next year.

Security Officer Report There was nothing to report from security. The boat was out one night to be used for the algae work.

Lake Clean Up Report Malcolm Smith has volunteered 40 hours and with Edward deVries, they have removed all mangroves from the Lake.

Annual Meeting Darren proposed that we keep the price the same as last year ($10 for first household member/$30 additional). With a second from Glenn, the motion passed. Five board members are up for re-election. Two have declined. Cindy will check with the others.

Darren and Margie will work on the budget to be presented at the meeting. It was decided to have the algae be the main topic for the evening. Steve will check with DLNR for a speaker on the subject. Margie and Cindy will work on the invitations.

Holiday Flotilla Will be held 12/18/11

Community Boards attendance Cindy attended the August meeting and found the KNB very supportive. She outlined problems with Delta and the algae.

Kelly went to the September meeting and also found a lot of support especially from Larry. She was able to make some contacts as spelled out above. Kelly will attend the October meeting.

Newsletter No newsletter planned at present.

Old Business No boundary sign report or Kukilakila update.

The Lake elevation is down to 1.2 ft. The barge engine search has been tabled at present.

New Business Steve brought up the land sale of a 64 acre parcel below Kailua High School. Sue will look into it. We received an email of a family catching four barracudas. It is believed that they are catching and releasing the fish. Darren will look into a fish tagging system.

Cindy had comments on increasing signage with more history and eco-system information. She will draft a proposal for the annual meeting.

There was a motion (Glenn) and a second (Rod) to accept Franklin Denis’ proposal for building a dock as was previously approved by the board. The motion passed.

Future meeting dates 10/5/1, 11/10/11

The meeting was adjourned at 10:17pm


To Do List

  • Cindy-Proposal for signage, invitations for annual mtg, check with board members for re-election, check about equipment used for Lake Wilson
  • Darren-Budget with Margie, ?fish tagging
  • Sue-Check on for sale parcel, check with attorney for foreclosure, bylaws summary
  • Glenn-review insurance information
  • Bob B-meeting with attorney re:Delta
  • Margie-annual meeting invitations and proxies, insurance policies to Glenn

Next Meeting

Wednesday October 5th 2011
7pm Cindy’s House