September 2014 Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association, Board Meeting, September 9, 2014

Present: Gus Gustavson, Margaret Novack, Bob Molyneux, Kelly Adams, Linda Jenks, Stephen Kofsky. Bob Bourke (Scientific advisor) Cindy Turner (Webmaster), Melody Spencer (Administrative Assistant)

Absent: Michele Compton, Greg Colbert, Jennifer Creedon, Rod Castanha, Doug Kroll, Darren Rogers, Kelo Maosi

A quorum was not determined.

As there was no quorum, no official business was conducted and minutes were not taken.

Discussion Notes:

The following items were discussed among the attendees:

• Annual meeting letters with proxy to go out to ELRA residents within next 2 weeks.
• The 2014-2015 Budget will be approved at annual meeting.
• Election of Board Members; Four director’s terms are expiring. Need to work on getting people interested in running for the board.
• Next monthly board meeting scheduled for 10/14/14 at 7 pm- Kukilakila pool area
• Kelly may have someone to take over coordinating monthly clean up.
• Bob B. reported recent incident with someone laying crab traps in lake. HPD was called to assist in enforcing rules and removing traps.