September 2021 Board Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association Board of Directors Zoom Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Conducted via Zoom:  Present:  D. Young, J. Bean, G. Colbert, J. Fernie, G. Gustavson, S. Harding, L. Jenks, D. Kroll, M. Novack, and C. Turner.

Absent: R. Castanha, M. Compton, D. Medeiros, A. Richardson, and M. Spencer (Administrative Assistant).

The meeting was called to order by D. Young, President, at 7:04 pm.  A quorum was declared.


The draft Minutes for August 2021 had been circulated via email prior to the meeting.  Following a brief discussion, G. Gustavson moved and S. Harding seconded the motion that the August 2021 Minutes be approved.  They were approved unanimously.

Finance: G. Gustavson reported via email that there was one significant expense in August.  This was payment for insurance on the security boat and the eco-harvester in the amount of $3187.  This was a budgeted amount and will clear the checking account in September 2021.

In July ELRA paid the liability insurance invoices in the amount of $3104, again in line with the budget.  The liability, D&O, and boat insurance constitute about 20% of our annual operating costs.

Both August expenses and receipts are tracking our budget. We have received $29,672 thus far from the Assessed Lots, compared to $32,000 for all of last year.  That equates to 93 members so far this year, versus 106 for all of last year.

Thanks to Alan Richardson and Adam Bookatz for their continued support of the ELRA finances, and to Melody Spencer for annual assessment processing.

A motion was made by G. Colbert and seconded by J. Fernie that the August 2021 Finance Report be accepted.  The motion was approved unanimously.

Administration:  D. Young had shared his Communications Log prior to the Meeting.  He added that a welcome package had been sent to a new Voluntary Member.

Report from the Kailua Neighborhood Board (KNB):  No report was available.

ELRA Email: G. Colbert requested this topic be deferred until the October meeting.

Water Sampling Report:  D. Young reported that the completed June report is now available.  Considerable discussion ensued as to the formatting and labeling of the report.

Lake Rules: J. Bean reported that four letters had been prepared to send to lakeside residents whose watercraft and/or docks exhibited safety deficiencies. One of the subject docks has since been removed, so three letters went out.  Of the three, one has been acknowledged.  The Board expressed appreciation that we were finally able to address these safety issues.

Annual Dinner & Elections: Prior to this meeting, based on the continued spread of Covid-19, the Board agreed that the Annual Meeting should be cancelled, but that the Director elections would be conducted.  An email was sent to all those members, for whom we have an email address, on 13 Aug 2021 to that effect, requesting possible nominees for the Board. There will be five vacancies on the Board

It was agreed in this meeting that additional steps should be taken to ensure the membership is made fully aware of the cancellation of the dinner and the need for nominees for the Board.  A second email will be issued along with a traditional hard copy mailing to all members.  This notice will also be posted on the ELRA Website and the ELRA Facebook page.

Retiring Board Directors are normally recognized at the Annual Dinner Meeting.  Since this will not be happening, it was agreed that certain long-time Board members could be thanked with Certificates of Appreciation. R. Castanha, who can no longer attend meetings, will be recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation and named as Emeritus ELRA Board Member.  D. Young volunteered to arrange for the preparation and printing of the Certificate.

In lieu of the meeting, an Annual Report for 2020 will be provided to the association membership.

Executive Session:  Closed.

Committee Reports:

Dredging Committee: S. Harding indicated, based on an email from J. Moniuszko (Oceanit), the State is crafting an agreement between the State and ELRA to set parameters to allow ELRA to approve HYCF property as a disposal site for the soil dredged from the Lake.  The agreement may take the form of a license, but the main requirement will be for insurance/indemnity.  The Board expressed concern about the term indemnify and suggested the use of the term “hold-harmless.” S. Harding was asked to convey the request to J. Moniuszko.

Membership Committee: No report was available.

Operations Committee (Security): No report was available.

Operations Committee (Lake Clean Up): M. Compton was unavailable. D. Young described an effort led by Representative Lisa Martin (State House District 51) to lead a clean-up of certain parts of the Pond.  They are looking at some time in October.

Additionally, D. Young updated the Board on his efforts to work with a new voluntary member, whose non-profit organization might be interested in working with ELRA to clean the Pond.

Environment Committee: D. Kroll reported via email that for the month of August water clarity stayed pretty average for summer with hazy green look. Fish and rock crab activity have stayed the same.  For the first part of the month of September water-color seems to be turning a little bit more green and clarity at Kelly Cove area has diminished to 9 inches. At wetlands Tilapia seem to be surface breathing more and seeing some froth on water surface.
Salinity measured 6 on September 12 at Kelly Cove.

Kroll expanded on his and his committee’s efforts to test for salinity, indicating that their efforts have been limited. Further, since ELRA has now engaged D. Esibill for quarterly water testing, it seemed that the continued efforts of the Committee were duplicating the testing effort.

The Board agreed and recommended that the Committee stop testing for salinity.

Next Meeting Date:  The next Board meeting will take place by Zoom on Tuesday, Oct 12, 2021 at 7 pm.  The next KNB meeting will be Oct 7, 2021.  G. Colbert is scheduled to attend.

Adjournment: S. Harding moved adjournment, which was seconded by L. Jenks.   The affirmative vote was unanimous.  The meeting adjourned at 8:38 pm.    

Respectfully submitted, M. Novack