April 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting April 5, 2011

Present: Bob Bourke, Cindy Turner, Franklin Denis, Cal Clemmer, Steve Brennan, Glenn Magyar, Rod Castanha, Sue Alden, Nicole Stucki
Absent: Frank Schumann, Mike Compton, Kelo Maosi, Karla Maosi, Bob Sanders
Guest: Ron Rickman

With proxies from Mike Compton, Bob Sanders and Frank Schumann, a quorum was declared and the meeting called to order at 7:06 pm

Nicole Stucki submitted her resignation from the board effective immediately as a result of work conflicts.

Approval of Minutes The minutes from the March 8 , 2011 meeting were reviewed. There was a motion (Glenn) and a second (Rod ) to accept the minutes. The motion passed. Cindy did note that the Koapa subdivision is spelled Kaopa in the official documents.

Financial Report Margie reports that we currently have just under $46,000 in the checking account. The response to the third notice mailing continues to be poor. Kukilakila residents responded better then the single family residents. We have 85%paid from SFD and 54% from Kukilakila. Sue has volunteered to contact delinquent SFD owners. Margie will provide her with a list.

Dredging Project/Federal Funds Ron reported discussing this with Farley Watanabe and he states that an agency coordination letter will go out this week. We are asking for a letter of permission which gives us 5 years to complete the project.

City Permit/Berm Openings There is no permit on the horizon for the berm openings but the Lake is currently healthy from the rains.

ELRA/KCC Project There have been two mangrove clean-ups on the stream and participation has been poor. The canoe club is trying to find a way to motivate participants.

Bob B needs another barge driver. Rod has volunteered.

Amendments and By-laws Re-do Sue has nothing to report at this time. Next month we will form a committee to go over the changes so they can be published.

Security Officer’s Report Cindy reports that some people were fishing in the wetlands and they left after being told it was not permitted. Having the ELRA contact information on waterproof cards was discussed.

Lake Clean-up There is a clean- up scheduled for this Sunday that will concentrate on the area before the Keolu Bridge. The Kukilakila island also needs some dredging. Franklin will contact Kukilakila ‘s maintenance man about disposal of the debris.

Annual Meeting Dates for the annual meeting were discussed. Rod will check with MidPac with preference to October 8th, 1st and 15th in that order.

July 4th Flotilla There was discussion about notifying residents of the flotilla. It was suggested that we include a notice with the annual mailing and perhaps follow-up with a phone call to boat owners.

Community Boards attendance Glenn will attend the meeting this week. Bob B will provide information to take to the board on the Kawanui water restoration project which currently needs support. Steve will attend the May meeting and Cindy has volunteered to go in July.

Newsletter The newsletter was mailed. Bob B has had a couple of responses regarding the Kaopa article. There was a suggestion that we should discuss the situation with an attorney from Earth Justice.

Old Business The Lake meter has arrived and is installed with a link to tidal heights. It should be connected to the Web site soon. Boundary signs are not installed. Scout clean-up has been cancelled. The Kukilakila proposal will continue in a different direction. The KNB barge tour was extremely helpful. (Three members attended and more signed up for a future tour.)

New Business Steve reports chickens inhabiting the Kamehameha Schools parcel. He will look into removing them.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm

Next Meeting
May 10, 2011
Cindy’s House 7pm

Points for KNB Meeting

  • The ELRA/KCC project to remove mangroves from the lower reach of Kaelepulu Stream has completed it’s first two cleanups and plans the next one from 0830 to noon on April 17 beginning and ending at the Halau across from Buzz’s
  • The State funded project to investigate restoring flow to Kawainui Stream from Kawainui Marsh has not yet been contracted because it is being reviewed by the City’s Department of Facilities Maintenance (Director Westley Chun). It would be helpful if the Kailua neighborhood board would express their support of this short term test to DFM so that the test can be conducted this summer.
  • The City’s permit to open stream mouths, such as at Buzz’s, is still under review by the USACE. If the City can not open the stream mouth to promote exchange with the ocean during the long dry summer, and there is no flow input from Kawainui, then there is a strong potential for poor water quality by late summer.
  • The 10-lot Kaopa subdivision being constructed by Delta Construction on the hillside above Kaelepulu School has caused muddy runoff to enter Kaelepulu pond at least 6 times this winter depositing as much as 84 tons of sediment into the lake and flowing out to Kailua Beach. A complaint has been lodged with the DOH.


Kukilkila Board points

  • There is planning for a clean-up/dredge of the edge of the Kukilakila island. Will need to be coordinated with Kukilakila maintenance for disposal.
  • Chickens are inhabiting the land parcel mauka of the boat ramp. We will look into removing them.