There is a weather station by Kaelepulu Wetland at the southwest corner of Kaelepulu Pond. The chart below updates automatically every minute.
Historical weather data is available on the Kaelepulu Wetland website. These are highly detailed Excel spreadsheet files that have weather data points in fifteen-minute increments.



Board meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of the month, 7pm, alternating between in-person and online via Zoom. Residents are welcome to attend.

Contact us for date confirmation and meeting location if you are interested in coming. You can read the board meeting minutes.

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Water Quality

You can check if the State Department of Health has posted any warnings about water quality in the Kailua waters by going here: and then click on "Current Water Quality Advisories."

Dredging Project Information

The ELRA board is working on permits for the dredging of portions of the lake to improve water circulation, restore aquatic habitat, and re-establish the navigable waterway capacity for public health, safety, and enjoyment. The project would involve dredging up to 10,000 cubic yards of silt, clay, gravel, and aquatic vegetation from locations within Ka‘elepulu Pond.

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