Board Members

  • Margaret Novack, President
  • Donald Young, First Vice President, Lake Dredging, Operations Lead
  • Greg Colbert, Second Vice President
  • Gus Gustavson, Treasurer, Finance & Insurance
  • Jean Fernie, Secretary, Community Relations
  • Alan Richardson, Finance & Audit
  • Jeanette Bean, Lake Health
  • Rod Castanha, Community Relations
  • Mike Compton, Security Officer, Lake Rules
  • Sean Harding, Lake Dredging Lead
  • Linda Jenks
  • Doug Kroll, Nomination Committee Chair
  • George Lingle, Community Relations, Flotillas
  • Danny Medeiros

Staff and Advisors:

  • Cindy Turner, Website/Newsletter Editor
  • Bob Bourke, Scientific Advisor
  • Melody Spencer, Administrative Assistant, 808-520-4836 during business hours only

ELRA Member Helpers:

  • Darren Rogers, Assistant Security

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