December 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting December 8, 2011

Present: Sue Alden, Bob Bourke, Clem Clemmer, Cindy Turner, Darren Rogers,Gus Gistavson, Glenn Magyar, Don Young

Absent: Franklin Denis, Kelly Adams,Bruce Jahnke, Kelo Maosi, Steve Brennan,Rod Castanha

With proxies from Rod Castanha and Kelo Maosi, a quorum was declared and the meeting called to order at 7:03pm

Approval of Minutes Amended copies of the November10, 2011 minutes were sent via email and reviewed. There was a motion (Gus) and a second (Bob) to approve the revised minutes.

Delta Claim Mediation Bob reports that the mediation date is set for February 10th. Delta has hired a specialist to check the calculations on amounts of sediment and nutrients in the run-off.

Financial Report Margie reports that we have $8900 in the checking account following last month’s transfer of $10,000 from savings to checking. The boat insurance is due ($258) and will be paid. All other bills have been paid. As postal rates are going up in January, Margie plans to purchase some Forever stamps.

Lake Health/Siphon Project/City Permit/Berm Opening The Lake has not been opened in November and will probably not be opened this month. The permit only allows for emergency openings. Bob will send a letter to the Corp of Engineers citing a decrease in water quality and an increase in algae and requesting an opening. He will include a new calendar with optimal opening dates. The siphon project is on the desk in the AG office and should be moved to engineering this week.

NOAA/Mangrove Project Report The last clean-up had a few more volunteers. Frank Schumann has donated use of a large container and Dan O’Brien has donated a back hoe which cuts the work in half. Bob feels that the work should be complete in 2-3 more days. The next work day will be in the morning December 18th just below the Keolu St. Bridge.

Development of Wetland property adjacent to Kaelepulu Stream Cindy reports that the 6 acres of land next to the wetlands have been purchased by Richard Wheelock and zoned R-5. As many as 42 homes may be developed. There is some discrepancy in the criteria for what qualifies as a wetland. Because the wetland protects the lake from sediments and pollutants in residential runoff, it is important that the wetland portion of the lots is preserved. Cindy will draft a letter from ELRA emphasizing the need to protect the function of the wetland as it relates to the watershed. Sue will sign the letter and it will go to the Corp of Engineers, City Building Dept and DOH.

Amendments and By-laws Re-do It was emphasized that the draft of the amendments is a work in progress and it is important to get feedback. Darren will contact Kathy Kelly for her comments on the draft. Steve Brennan will also work on this committee. Discussion included comments on having more then we need rather than finding we needed more later.

Security Officer’s Report Margie shared a report sent from Kelo via Karla. There have been no calls. The security boat is not running as it has a steering problem. The dock is still sagging on the bottom. The boat is out of the water as stuff was growing on it. Bob has ordered foam for the dock. He will also work on replacing the steering cable.

Facebook/Community outreach No changes to the facebook. Cindy will attend the January 5th KNB meeting.

Newsletter Cindy will have an e-newsletter out in the next couple of days. Margie will send her the email addresses we have collected so far. It is planned to keep the newsletter short and send it out monthly. Items to be covered are the boat parade, annual meeting and photo of large Samoan crab. There will also be a suggestion that we recommend catch and release of fish and crabs except tilapia. A monthly comment on maintaining a healthy Lake will be included. There was discussion about sending out an agenda before monthly meetings.

Old Business The Lake Meter continues to produce scattered results, so is not ready to be put up on the internet. Boundary signs cannot go in until water level rises. New engine on hold. No progress on dredging. Darren is willing to contact fishermen and ask them to tag and record fish caught. Bob will order tags from Australia. Sue will check on the parcel for sale behind Ka’elepulu Elementary. Margie will be the contact for the flotilla (December 18th starting at 5pm). Board members will call boat owners to remind them of the date. Franklin is looking into the oyster kits. 80% of the Lake oyster died with the algae bloom.

New Business Next meeting will be January 10th. Clem shared pictures of algae regrowing by his residence. Clem will try to organize labor for a cleanup day and Bob will set up his barge with the algae scoop for the effort. Bob will work on a harvest day. Glenn shared an add for the Kaopa subdivision. He will write a letter for Sue’s signature for the realtor explaining that there is a law suit filed against the developers and we will be monitoring any new work.

Talking points for KNB Meeting

  • Possible Wetland development
  • Lack of berm openings, problems with permit

The meeting was adjourned at 8:32pm

Next Meeting

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

7pm Cindy’s House



Sue-check on parcel on hill

Cindy-newsletter, January 5th KNB, wetland letter

Margie-flotilla contact, email addresses to Cindy

Darren-amendment comments, fish tags

Bob-order fish tags, mangrove clean-up, security boat and dock, algae harvest

Glenn-letter to Kaopa realtor