Upcoming Events

Board Meetings

Lake residents are invited to attend board meetings. Meetings are usually held at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 780 Keolu Drive, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., typically on the second Tuesday of every month. Occasionally meetings are changed at the last minute, to confirm the meeting schedule call Melody at 520-4836 during office hours.

Lake Cleanups

Normally home owners take responsibility for cleaning debris from their individual waterfront areas.

There is an ELRA board member who is in charge of volunteer cleanup efforts around the lake. Work often consists of removing refuse from the lake such as tires and coconut fronds. Lake cleanups are usually done following a large storm, or major fish-die-off.

To request cleanup of a particular lake area, please send an email to ELRA with your request and contact information.


Annual Events

4th of July Boat-based Potluck & Fireworks Viewing

If the fireworks are scheduled for Kailua Beach Park, there will be a middle of the lake fireworks viewing.

Back when it was a reliable annual event, we joined friends and neighbors out on the lake on 4th of July starting around 7 p.m. The middle of the lake is a great location for viewing the fireworks. Barges, kayaks or anything safe that floats are invited to come out to be a part of the party.

Annual Membership Meeting

The annual meeting usually takes place in October. Lake front owners and associate members will be mailed information about the date, time and location about a month in advance.

Christmas Boat Parade: Mid December

The holiday boat parade is a wonderful way for Enchanted Lake residents to celebrate the season. Kayakers, barges and boats of all kinds meet out in the middle of the lake at just before sunset, usually on a Sunday in mid-December. We hope to see you out there to celebrate!!