Dredging Docs

A substantial body of background information has already been compiled by others and is available to support the dredging project. Some documents are available online and are linked.

1. ParEn 1993 Kaelepulu Stream Drainage Study.
2. Bourke, R.E. 2016 A Natural History of Kaelepulu Pond DOWNLOAD
3. Oceanit , 2016 Kawainui Stream Flow Restoration Project: Flow Restoration Experimental Report
4. Oceanit, 2016 Kawainui Stream Flow Restoration: Preliminary Environmental Assessment
5. Penn, D. 2007 Kailua Waterways TMDL : Report to the 23th Legislature State of Hawaii Regular Session of 2008
6. AECom 2008 Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Plan for Four Major Outlets at Kaelepulu Pond (separate download at bottom)
7. Turner, C. 2016 Kaelepulu Wetland, General Information.
8. ELRA 2011 Draft Letter of Permission and USACE Application for Dredging
9. USACE 1959 Letter of Permission
10. USFWS Comment Letter

AECom Study: Storm Water Best Management Practices (BMP) Plan for Four Major Outlets at Ka‘elepulu Pond

Download the Entire BMP Plan (Pages 1-286, 47MB pdf)
Download Chapters 1-6 (Pages 1-146, 16MB pdf)
Download Appendices (Pages 147-286, 32MB pdf)