January 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting January 24, 2011

Present: Bob Bourke, Cindy Turner, Franklin Denis, Bob Sanders, Cal Clemmer, Rod Castanha, Glenn Magyar, Mike Compton, Sue Alden, Ron Rickman

Absent: Frank Schumann, Kelo Maosi, Karla Maosi, Steve Brennan

A quorum was declared and the meeting called to order at 7:05pm

Approval of Minutes The minutes from the December 9, 2010 meeting were reviewed. There was a correction to the wording in the Kukilakila proposal to eliminate go door to door from the Old Business. With this change, there was a motion(Ron) and a second (Rod) to accept the minutes. The motion passed.

Financial Report Margie reports that we currently have $48,000 in the checking account. Large bills have been paid. There have been a few additional fee payments. It was suggested that a third notice go out next month. Boat decals will need to be reordered this year. The board approved of the same design with the addition of all numbers 1-10 appearing on the decal. Margie will contact the same company.

Public Opinion Campaign Proposal There was discussion about a recent blog from Malia Zimmerman which contained much misinformation. Bob B did send her an email and asked her to contact him with no reply. It was felt that responding further to her would not be productive. Her information did not include steps for preventing sewage spells or dealing with the fragile ecosystem. Bob S suggested that the association should send out regular press releases that should also include a mission statement. He has asked all board members to think of 1-2 points they would like to get across to the public.

Dredging Project/Federal Funds Ron has no updates at this time.

City Permit/Berm Openings/Lake Health The berm opened naturally and with some assistance during the recent storm and was open for 14 days. The opening was 150 feet wide and 4 feet deep. Right now the Lake level is down as a result of dropping tide levels. The sand has been shifting as the surf directions change and has resulted in more sand in the mouth of the canal.

The new permit will not allow equipment in the stream bed.

NOAA/Mangrove Proposal Update Bob B reports that the proposal has been verbally accepted with some changes in the budget. The Castle Foundation will fund $20,000 with another $14,000 covering equipment.

Amendments and By-laws Re-do Susan has completed the revision of the articles and is working on the by-laws. When she finishes she will print a copy for review.

Security Officer Report Kelo was absent and there was no report.

Lake Clean Up Report There will be a clean-up this Sunday with work concentrating on the area near Cal’s house. Kimo’s Cove is fairly clean as the rubbish has been blowing across the Lake.

Community Board Attendance Karla attended the January meeting but was not present for her report. Mike will attend the February meeting. March-Rod and Cal April-Glenn

Newsletter The newsletter is almost ready. There are pictures from the December flotilla to include. Bob S estimates 5 boats participated.

Old Business The Lake meter is officially broken and a new one will be sent.

The boundary sign is not up yet. Bob S has asked Mike to plan for the Scout clean-up to coincide with Earth Day (April 22). He suggested the canal bed behind St. John Vianney.

Franklin attended the Kukilakila Maintenance meeting and board meeting where he read the proposal. He did not receive much feedback. There are still many questions from Kukilakila about the mandatory fee status. There are also questions about the voting rights of associate members. Margie will send Franklin minutes from 2001 meetings that discussed the change to mandatory fees.

There was discussion about inviting the Enchanted Lake representative from the Neighborhood Board out on a tour of the Lake.

Bob B gave an update on the Kaopa subdivision construction. Following three recent storm events, a large amount of sediment has entered the Lake. Delta Construction has withdrawn their offer to assist in dredging near the Kukilakila boat ramp. Bob has drafted a letter to the DOH detailing the pollution with photos, videos and water quality reports. If no solution is reached there is the possibility of legal action. The favorable response to this action would be for us to receive assistance with dredging and serve notice to future contractors to increase their BMP’s. Ron’s wife, Nicole will assist with the document which will have copies sent to the City and Count and the contractor.

New Business Cindy noted that following the rains there have been a lot of Kiawe needles washed up on Kailua Beach. She believes the needles come from trees on MidPac golf course and are washed down in the drains. Rod will check with MidPac to see if preventative measures are possible.

Dates for upcoming meetings were discussed. The following was decided on:

2/15/11 3/8/11 4/5/11 5/10/11

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm


Next Meeting

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cindy’s House 7pm




Bob B DOH letter

Cindy Newsletter

Rod Check with MidPac about Kiawe needles

Margie Order decals, send minutes to Franklin