July 2017 Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association, Board of Directors Monthly Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, July 25, 2017 

Present:  G. Colbert, M. Novack, G. Gustavson, R. Castanha, S. Harding, J. Compton, B. Tassie, S. Oshiro, A. Richardson, B. Molyneux, D. Vonier, C. Turner (Webmaster)

Absent:  J. Fernie, M. Compton, G. Lingle, M. Spencer (Administrative Assistant).

A quorum was called and the meeting was called to order at 7:03pm.

Approval of minutes:  B. Molyneux moved the minutes of the June 20, 2017 meeting be approved as corrected.  It was seconded by J. Compton.

Finance Report:  G. Gustavson reviewed the Finance Reports, highlighting certain elements.  The Annual Assessment Letters are ready to go out.  Examples of the letters and invoice were distributed to the Board.

There was a brief discussion about the possible benefits of having one firm hold all of the various insurance policies.  TASK: B.Tassie will make inquiries about the insurance. M. Spencer should send all available insurance information to B. Tassie    

Strategic Plans:  We still have not heard from B. Hiramatsu regarding the By-Laws changes.  G.Colbert agreed to keep asking.

Nominations Committee:  B. Molyneux reviewed who on the current Board will be up for reelection.  All should be on the lookout for potential Board Members.

Community Relations:     M.Novack stated that it had been her turn to attend the Kailua Neighborhood Board Meeting, but that she had not due to illness.

The July 4th Flotilla was minimal with two barges and one boat rafting in the middle of the lake.  Trip down the canal was uneventful and fireworks were quite good.

M.Novack introduced the thought of ELRA perhaps partnering with a non-profit organization such as the Nature Conservancy, as the Lanikai Foundation has done.

Lake Security:  The Compton Family has been off island for a while, so we do not have the roving security boat on the lake.  It was agreed that all Board members should step-up if there are apparent strangers on the lake.  S.Harding related a story of turning back a potential crabber who was very unpleasant.  Nonetheless the Hardings prevailed.

Lake Maintenance:  S. Oshiro has had workers do some lake cleanups. There is still an unclaimed dock floating in Kimo’s Cove since our last big storm.

Lake Health:  The Board shared and discussed an email from Bob Bourke stating that he written a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to the City asking for a copy of the AECOM water quality and flow data they’ve been taking (and will continue to take for another year) in the Kaelepulu watershed.  This resulted in considerable discussion about EPA/TMDLs etc.

Dredging:  See Addendum.

TASK:  G.Colbert will request an appointment with KS to discuss the potential dredging plans.

Next meeting date:  The next meeting will be held on Thursday Aug 10, 2017 at G.Colbert’s home.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm. 


Action List:  7/25/2017

17/3-3         G. Colbert     Obtain draft of our By-Laws from B. Hiramatsu.

17/5-1           B. Bourke    Talk to Derrick Esbill regarding water-sampling project.  

17/7-1           B.Tassie        Will make inquiries about the insurance.

 17/7-2          M. Spencer To send all available insurance information to Tassie        

 17/7-3          G. Colbert    Try to reconnect with Jason Akamine for possible lake clean-up.

17/7-4          G.Colbert       Request an appointment with KS to discuss the potential dredging plans.