June 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Present:  M. Novack, D. Medeiros, A. Richardson, S. Harding, D. Young, M. Compton, G. Colbert, J. Bean, L. Jenks, D. Kroll, G. Gustavson, Jean Fernie, and C. Turner (Webmaster).

Absent:  R. Castanha, G. Lingle and M. Spencer (Administrative Assistant).

A quorum was called by M. Novack and the meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm.

Approval of Minutes:  The May minutes were approved as corrected.

Finance:  The complete report had been emailed to the Board by G. Gustavson prior to the meeting.  Items discussed were the combined cost for insuring the Security boat and the EcoHarverster.   Hugo DeVries will be the main operator of the EcoHarvester. CDs are being moved into cash as they mature.  Cash is being held in the Capital One Money Market account to be used for the Dredge Project.    G. Colbert moved and M. Compton seconded the Finance report be approved.  The motion passed unanimously.

Community Relations:  L. Jenks attended this month’s Kailua Neighborhood Board meeting.  She reported it was very crowded due to testimony regarding the high rise to be built on the corner of Oneawa Street and Kawainui Street.  Issues regarding Enchanted Lake were not discussed permit.

Harding attended the Thursday night KNB Water Pollution Subcommittee Meeting. Current dredge status was briefed. It was brought up by another presenter at the KNB meeting that it appears the Ka’elepulu stream opening (beach berm) permit is part of a State permit.  It was suggested that perhaps Kailua should have our own permit as we wish the berm opening to be more consistent with the needs of our community and not restricted by a state mandate.  Also discussed was the TMDL progress and a need for a proper designation of Enchanted Lake and associated connected water systems.  It was noted that Ka’elepulu Pond has ocean connected water system, wetland system, lake system, stream system, and estuary system all in a single interconnected waterway and a site-specific designation should be strongly pursued by using one of the standard choices – one that ensures lowest allowable toxicity levels for TMDL calculations is preferable.

By-Laws:  D. Young has received the completed draft from Andy Char.  D. Young will review and make any final changes and corrections and will forward these to the Board for their approval.

Dredge:  S. Harding is working with OCEANIT and American Marine Corp (AMC) regarding the final points of the project.  Work is ongoing to secure the property for lakeside construction/transfer operations (Compton and/or Tassie property).  The in-water plan is largely conceptualized and achievable using flexifloat barges, a clamshell digging system and a barge for shuttling dredge material from the in-water dredge site to the lakeside construction/transportation site.  Final authorization for the desired upland disposal site (desired site is HYCF) is still in progress.  Upon final upland site determination, ELRA will assist with any needed grading/stockpiling permits and AMC will produce a relocation plan for discussion to include transportation and final placement of dredge material.  In-water sampling during construction phase and solid waste sampling of dredge material at the relocation site has already been approved and OCEANIT will oversee these actions.

Annual Meeting:  Due to the pandemic, there is a very real possibility that we will not be able to have our annual meeting at Mid-Pac.  Discussions on how to elect new officers and approve the new By-Laws ensued.  G. Colbert said he has a Web Account – larger than Zoom. He will check with Mid-Pac if they could support this.  Perhaps email could be used.  It was learned we do not have an up to date email address list for all members.  A notice will be put in our annual billing that will be mailed this week asking for current email addresses. G. Gustavson noted that 27 members have not paid last year’s assessment.

Lake Security:  M. Compton reported a large number of unpowered craft in the lake. Even those that are trespassers seem to be hospitable.  People being out of work and children home because of the pandemic increase these numbers.  Some new boats including electric ones have been registered also. Mike is also working on the new Lake Rules pamphlet.

EcoHarvester:  C. Turner reported the lake is too low at present to get the EcoHarvester out of her mooring at their home.  Hugo DeVries has been doing maintenance and working on the engine cover hinge.  They might possibly remove the big blue drum as it is very heavy but cannot be used to unload the grasses and ogo that are harvested.  It does help with forward motion but losing the extra weight would allow the craft to work in shallower water.

Next Meeting Date:  The next meeting will be Tuesday, July 14th, 2020 at 7 pm at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church at 780 Keolu Drive, Kailua.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.