June 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association Board of Directors Zoom Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Conducted via Zoom:  Present:  D. Young, J. Bean, G. Gustavson, M. Novack, M. Compton, J. Fernie, D. Kroll, D. Medeiros, A. Richardson C. Turner,

Absent: S. Harding, G. Colbert, L. Jenks,  R. Castanha, and M. Spencer (Administrative Assistant).

The meeting was called to order by D. Young at 7:02 pm.  A quorum was declared.

Minutes:  Minutes for the May Meeting had been circulated via email.  G. Gustavson moved and J. Fernie seconded the motion that the May 2021 Minutes be approved.  They were approved unanimously.

Finance: G. Gustavson reported via email and restated for tonight’s meeting that there have been no significant expenses in May 2021, and we continue to track with the budget for this FY.

The major difference between budget and expenditures is in the area of lake maintenance. The Board budgeted $13,333 for the operation of the Eco-Harvester and $1867 for a lake clean-up contract. No funds have been expended to date for those two items.

We also did not expend any funds to Oceanit for dredging and engineering planning in May. When we receive an invoice from Oceanit, it will be paid from the QSF.

Assessment invoices for FY 2021-2022, as well as boat sticker forms, have been printed and are in the process of getting them in the mail.

Thanks to Alan Richardson and Adam Bookatz for their continued support of the ELRA finances, and to Melody for the annual assessment collation and mailing exercise.

A motion was made by J. Fernie and seconded by J. Bean that the June 2021 Finance Report be accepted.  They were approved unanimously.


Correspondence:  D. Young stated that there had been no correspondence until the last few days when there was email and telephonic discussion concerning the Certificates of Insurance (COI) for the local Canoe Clubs.  Discussions took place between  D. Young, Kainoa Sheer of ACW Group LLC (representing Canoe Clubs in Hawaii), and Matt Len of Pyramid Insurance Centre, Ltd. (representing ELRA’s Liability Insurance interests).  As of the date of this meeting, there is still an unresolved issue related to a sentence in the COI.

  1. Young suggested that a Thank You letter would be appropriate to Councilmember Kia’aina, recognizing her efforts in getting $1.67M in funding for the design, construction, and inspection of improvements to City drain lines that discharge into Kaelepulu Pond. D. Young will draft the proposed letter.

Report from the Kailua Neighborhood Board (KNB):  D. Young attended the meeting.   The major topics are in Attachment 1:

Revised and Updated Lake Rules: J. Bean has revised the Rules Document, consistent with comments made during the May Meeting.  There was a short discussion about the document.  J. Bean was commended for the completeness of the document and the speed with which it was produced.  G. Gustavson moved and M. Compton seconded the motion that the Revised and Updated Lake rules be approved.  They were approved unanimously.

Kaelepulu Pond Water Sampling Proposal:  D. Young led the discussion about the series of discussions and revisions ELRA has received from D. Esibill intended to fulfill the Water Sampling contract requirements.  Several questions remain about this.  Following a lengthy discussion, it was generally agreed that D. Young should conclude negotiations with final review and approval by the Executive Committee on behalf of the Board. A motion was made to this effect by G. Gustavson and seconded by J. Bean. The motion was unanimously approved.

Fish Habitat Partnership Proposal: C. Turner, B. Bourke, and D. Young conferred by telephone with Gordon Smith of Fisheries Partnership to review the next steps necessary to access the $60K award.  There is more paperwork that is required to complete the process.  Several forms must be completed by 9 July 2021.  C. Turner will be finishing this process.

Elections: Normally ELRA conducts elections every year, as part of the Annual Meeting.  The Annual Meeting for 2020 was canceled because of the Pandemic. Directors were continued in office for an additional year.  The Board agrees that Elections must take place in 2021.

As she did last month, M. Novack had previously sent by email a listing of current Board Members, showing who would be eligible for reelection, should they chose to run.  She has also shared a Procedures Document that provides a step-by-step description of the ELRA Election process.

Linked to any discussion about elections, is the discussion as to whether there could be a regular Annual Meeting, and if so, where could it take place.  It remains unclear whether Mid-Pacific Country Club (MidPac) can accommodate the usual Dinner and if so, how many of the ELRA Community would be willing to attend.  (M. Novack will visit MidPac to determine availability.)

If the dinner is not a possibility, Elections will be conducted via mail using paper ballots.

Critical to the success of the Elections is the availability of potential candidates.  After considerable discussion, some Board Members indicated that they had names that they would propose for nomination.

Committee Reports:

Dredging Committee: S. Harding was unavailable for the meeting.  D.Young stated that he was unaware of any change to ELRA’s wait for the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility to confirm that the dredged material could be deposited there.

Membership Committee: M. Compton stated that the Membership Committee had not met this month.

Operations Committee (Security): M. Compton emailed the following report: 

A quiet month on the lake. We have several new boats and the 6-mans are back. Only one illegal fishing boat (without children’s life vests) stopped. They were from a wetland lot and left without issue.  The 2022 stickers arrived. Light blue in color. Invoice $576.44.   I will get them to Mel.

  1. Turner reported that she and Hugo had responded to a request for a homeowner to clean out Kimo’s Cove. She showed a photo of her raft (approximately 8’ by 4’) totally full of debris, including coconuts, palm fronds, and general garbage. She also noted several skulls and bones from very large fish as evidence that some homeowners continue to dispose of their fish-cleaning leftovers into the lake.  She noted that ELRA has been unable to find a reliable company or person to clean the shorelines of the lake.  Based on a changing economy, Turner suggested that it might be time to advertise on the local social media for a cleaner.  M. Compton asked if Turner would compose a posting on local media, such as Next Door or My Kailua, etc.  She said she would.
  2. Fernie reported on a call she had received from an owner (and ELRA member) from Kukilakila, complaining about a dock (or barge) on the Kukilakila waterfront that she felt was derelict and potentially dangerous. Discussion ensued about the observations that there are several such craft around the lake. It was agreed that the Security Officer would inspect these crafts, to try to determine their safety, and alert the Board as to their condition.  Should they be deemed unsafe, a letter should be sent to the homeowner advising them to correct the deficiencies or to remove them from the lake.

 Environment Committee: D. Kroll emailed the following report: Lake conditions have stayed about the same in the past month other than a little bit more murky water and that the water level is about 14 inches lower from the high level we had occurring previously.  Of note is that I’ve been testing the salinity from my dock for the past two months and the lake has maintained at a reading of 7 only.  I have consistently trying to measure it 18 inches under the surface. Last reading is little bit more challenging because of low water level and being able to reach 18 inches depth of water from my dock.

  1. Compton noted that there had been discussion about purchasing testing equipment to assist the Environmental Committee to do more accurate measurements. D. Kroll stated he would look into it.

New Business: D. Young observed that some of our current Board Members have served on the ELRA Board for many years.  In some instances, decades.  Young suggested ELRA might consider the establishment of an “Emeritus” status to recognize their service and to maintain access to their expertise, should they depart the Board.  There was broad acceptance of this suggestion. D. Young made a motion and G. Gustavson seconded the idea that ELRA establishes an “Emeritus” recognition for long service.  The motion was unanimously approved.

  1. Novack volunteered to research criteria for this and G. Gustavson volunteered to assist.
  2. Young raised the question as to whether the President of the Board should be authorized to speak for the Board between meetings. He offered the example of when testimony is called for, in a time-sensitive matter. There was agreement that the President had the experience and expertise to speak for the Board.  Additionally, if there was a question, the President could query the Executive Committee for their thoughts.

Next Meeting Date:  The next Board meeting will take place by Zoom on Tuesday, July 13, 2021, at 7 pm.  The next KNB meeting will be July 1, 2021.  J. Fernie is scheduled to attend.

Adjournment: G. Gustavson moved adjournment, which was seconded by D. Kroll.   The affirmative vote was unanimous.  The meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.                 

Respectfully submitted
M. Novack