June 2022 Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Zoom Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Conducted via Zoom: Present: D. Young, J. Bean, G. Colbert, M. Compton, G. Gustavson, L. Jenks, C. Jewell, D. Medeiros, M. Novack, and M. Spencer (Administrative Assistant).

Absent: D. Dawson, A. Richardson, F. Tannen, and C. Turner

Guest: Bob Bourke

The meeting was called to order by D. Young, President, at 7:03 pm. A quorum was declared.

D. Young introduced the newest Board Member, Connie Jewell, and welcomed her to the Board.

Dredging Committee Report: D. Young prefaced the report with a description of the lack of response from various members of the state government to ELRA’s efforts to use the Hawaii Youth Corrections Facility (HYCF) as the location for the dredging materials. What were to have weekly meetings with the working group, but many were cancelled, all this month.

G. Colbert opened the report saying he was proposing a different approach to the use of the dredged materials. Working with B. Bourke, Colbert proposes to keep the dredged material within the Lake and use it to improve certain shore areas around the Lake.

The principal focus area is the undeveloped property owned by the Kamehameha Schools. This is the area ELRA had originally identified for use to dry the dredged material, prior to being trucked. Now the concept would be to spread the material around the area, as fill, perhaps increasing the land mass to allow for improved use by Kamehameha Schools.

B. Bourke provided detailed information about where and how the soil could be used. This included possible artificial islands.

Colbert has contacted Todd Gray, Land Asset Manager, Community Engagement & Resources Group for Kamehameha Schools to determine whether he (speaking for Kamehameha Schools) would be interested in working with ELRA on this project. Gray lives in Kailua and has worked with ELRA in the past.

Considerable discussion followed. Some Board Members were adamantly opposed, and others expressed cautious support.

It was agreed that it was smart to try to find alternative sites for the material. Again, the talk moved to whether there were farming sites in Waimanalo that could use fill. Anecdotal examples were cited, but no formal course of action was identified. No sites approached could accept 7500 cy of soil.

Finally, questions were raised about whether it was time for ELRA to engage with the local elected officials to determine why we have been unable to get answers from the state government. The new information that the land in question is really owned by the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), not the HYCF as previously thought is a new, complicating fact.

It was agreed that before ELRA gives up on the use of the HYCF, we should seek assistance from our local representatives.

4-1 TASK: Board Members will contact local representatives as follows: G. Colbert will contact Chris Lee, State Senate District 25 and D. Young will contact Lisa Marten, State House District 51 seeking assistance in communicating with State officials** G. Colbert, D. Young

Berm Opening Permit: Tagging on to the previous discussion, B. Bourke stated that the City of Honolulu has submitted the long-anticipated request for a permit to the US Army Corps of Engineers authorizing the managed opening of the Berm separating the Kaelepulu Stream from Kailua Bay. Once it is reviewed, a period for public comment will be announced. At this time, ELRA should plan to send letters of support for the permit.

Guest B. Bourke departed.

Minutes: The draft Minutes for March 2022 had been circulated via email prior to the meeting.
Following a brief discussion, G. Gustavson moved approval and J. Bean seconded the motion that the Minutes be approved. C. Jewell abstained since she was not present at the meeting. The remaining members approved the report unanimously.

Finance: G. Gustavson reported that there are no significant changes in the ELRA finances in February 2022. Both receipts and expenses are tracking our budget pretty closely.
G. Gustavson expressed his thanks to Alan Richardson and Adam Bookatz for their continued support of the ELRA finances. D. Young recognized the long-term efforts of Treasurer G. Gustavson who not only supervises the financial aspects of the association but also strives to continually educate the Board Members on the details of their work.
G. Colbert moved acceptance and M. Novack seconded the motion that the Finance Report be accepted, subject to audit. By a show of hands, the Report was unanimously accepted.

Communications Log: D. Young had shared his log prior to the Meeting. He highlighted his continued efforts to locate an organization willing and able to clean the Lake. So far, none are available and willing to help.

Report from the Kailua Neighborhood Board (KNB): No Report

Filling Vacant Positions: M. Novack again requested ideas about how to identify and encourage qualified ELRA members to serve on the Board.

Continuing ELRA Meetings via Zoom: D. Young led a discussion as to whether ELRA should continue to meet via Zoom. There were positive and negative statements on both sides of the topic. A possible compromise might be to have hybrid-meetings, meaning meet in personal excepting those who chose to continue with Zoom. The latter would be a good option for those who travel.

4-2 TASK: Determine availability of the Emmanuel Episcopal Church for future monthly meetings** M. Novack** COMPLETE Church contacted telephonically. Indicates availability. More to follow.

Committee Reports:

Environment Committee:
Water Sampling (PAF) Update: L. Jenks reported that she was unable to reach D. Esibill. D. Young stated he was anxious to see the December Sampling Report. Young noted that the one-year contract with PAF for water sampling should be renewed soon. There was consensus on the Board that Water Sampling should be a core responsibility for the Board and agreed that the contract should be extended, if possible.

Storm Drain Marking project is going well according to L. Jenks. She thanked Michelle Compton, Board Alumna, for her storm drain marking efforts with the Girl Scouts.

Membership Committee: There was no report from the Membership Committee.

Operations Committee: M. Compton stated that he had measured for salinity very recently and that he was happy to report it was very high.


M. Novack suggested the Board needs to locate a facility for the October Annual Meeting. MidPac is no longer an option. That would mean finding a banquet facility capable of serving a sit-down dinner (with buffet option?) for 65-70 people. She also announced that she would not be at the May Meeting, but could start the Zoom App.

G. Gustavson announced he would not be at the May Meeting either.

Next Meeting Date: The next Board meeting will take place by Zoom on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, at 7pm. The next KNB meeting will be May 5, 2022. A. Richardson is scheduled to attend.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:27 pm.

Respectfully submitted
M. Novack

Tasks from previous months still needing to be completed.

1-2 TASK: Send USPS Letter to residents living along and near the Kaelepulu Canal, offering them the opportunity to have access to ELRA Emergency Announcements ** M. Novack

1-3 TASK: Board member to visit ELRA Members who are in arrears in their assessments ** G. Colbert.

2-1 TASK: Contact local mountain and motor bike clubs to seek cooperation concerning trails. Consider writing letter to private owner making them aware of the impact of the trails on down slope homes and Lake. ** Relevant, to be addressed in the future.

2-5 TASK: Write a letter requesting the grass cut along canals by C&C be collected after it is cut to prevent it from being washed into the Lake** D. Young
NOTE: It was agreed to delay writing the letter until photos can be provided