May 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting May 11, 2011

Present: Bob Bourke, Cindy Turner, Bob Sanders, Mike Compton, Cal Clemmer, Steve Brennan, Glenn Magyar, Sue Alden

Absent: Frank Schumann, Rod Castanha, Kelo Maosi, Karla Maosi, Franklin Denis

With a proxy from Frank Schumann, a quorum was declared and the meeting called to order at 7:05 pm

Interim Election Bob B presented a motion to elect former board member Darren Rogers to fill the vacant seat on the board. Darren has expressed an interest in joining the board. There was a second from Cindy and the motion passed.

Approval of Minutes The minutes from the April 5, 2011 meeting were reviewed. There was a motion (Glenn) and a second (Sue ) to accept the minutes. The motion passed.

Financial Report Margie reports that we currently have $49,000 in the checking account. $4824 was received as part of the grant for the mangrove project. $2125 of this has been spent so our checking account reflects approximately $2700 that will be spent for the project. Margie thanked Sue for contacting delinquent single family residents. We received 3 payments from this effort.

Update Re; Presidents Availability Bob S informed the Board that he will be working part-time in Alaska. He will start next month and will try to coordinate meetings.

Dredging Project/Federal Funds We will ask Ron to send email updates on this project. We will also keep him on our minutes email list.

City Permit/Berm Openings/Lake Health Bob B has had conversations with several City officials about the berm situation. KNB also had committed to sending a letter to the City. We have not heard yet if they did but Bob B will follow up.

Noaa/Mangrove Project report Bob B is filing monthly reports and invoices on the project. He received an offer for assistance from the Marine Corp. He was able to coordinate a project with about 75 marines to clean up the park at the entrance to Kailua. Bob B has sent a thank you letter to the marines.

Amendment and By-law Re-do Sue has printed copies of her revision of the amendments and by-laws. A committee of Steve, Cal, Mike and Sue will go over the drafts.

Security Officer Report There was a report of a missing/stolen kayak from a resident’s yard.

Lake Clean Up Report There was a clean-up last month. There will be another one this week which will concentrate on the algae bloom in an attempt to quantify the problem. Bob B states that history supports the conclusion that the algae are a result of the construction run-off from recent storms.

Annual Meeting Rod has made the reservation with MidPacific Country Club for October 15th, 2011.

July 4th Flotilla A notice regarding the 4th of July flotilla will be included in the annual mailing. Bob feels a later starting time will increase attendance. We will make it for 7pm to potluck and watch fireworks.

Community Boards attendance Glenn attended the April meeting where the siphon project was mentioned. Steve attended the May meeting and mentioned the mangrove project. Contact was made with a representative from the mayor’s office. Bob B will go to the June meeting and Cindy will attend in July.

Newsletter No newsletter plans at present.

Old Business The Lake meter is working and recording data. Bob B shared a reading of Lake levels. The boundary signs are not installed yet. Franklin and Debra are continuing their work on the Kukilakila proposal. There is a new Kukilakila president. Bob S would like to meet with him to foster a working relationship. No action has been taken on the chicken problem but Steve will contact Kamehameha Schools as the chickens are on their property.

Bob B shared a one pound bag of mud that was a result of the Kaopa run-off from the March storm event. The current algae bloom was discussed and Bob states that it is usually a result of a missing nutrient which can be traced back to storm run-off. Bob S read the letter that was sent to us in response to our demand letter to Delta Construction. Bob B has contacted several lawyers as well as Earth Justice and found an attorney interested in our case. He took her on a tour of the Lake and discussed what would be needed to clean up the sediment and the algae. Bob B presented a motion to retain the legal services of Attorney Linda Paul for not more than 50 hours at the rate of $75/hr. There was a second from Steve. The motion passed with one abstained vote. Quotes will be obtained for removal of 100 tons of sediment.

New Business There was discussion of using an email list to send out alerts such as the current algae bloom. Future meeting dates were discussed. The dates will be: 6/7/11, 7/12/11, 8/2/11, 9/8/11, 10/11/11.

Bob B states that the Lake barge needs a new motor. Cindy made a motion to have Bob S look into replacing the motor and present quotes next month. Bob S seconded the motion and it passed.

Mike Compton has submitted his resignation from the board to Bob S.

Items to be sent with the annual mailing were discussed.

Meeting Recap KCA/Kailua Board Points


  • Plans to work with the new KCA Board president
  • Efforts to eradicate the chicken problem
  • Discussion of the algae bloom, estimate how big and relationship to Kaopa inflow


  • Share results of Delta communication and plan for retaining legal consul and obtaining estimates on clean-up
  • Mangrove project update
  • Discussion of the algae bloom, estimate how big and relationship to Kaopa inflow

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm

Next Meeting
Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Location to be determined