November Meeting Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association Board of Directors Monthly Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Present:  G. Colbert, M. Novack. S. Oshiro B. Molyneux, R. Castanha, B. Tassie, A. Richardson, D. Vonier, G. Gustavson, J. Compton, M. Compton (via telephone), J. Fernie, M. Spencer (Administrative Assistant), and C. Turner (Webmaster).

Absent:  S. Harding and G. Lingle.

A quorum was called and the meeting was called to order at 7:02pm.

Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of the October 10th 2017 meeting were approved.

Finance:  G. Gustavson handed out balance sheets to all.  During discussion, it was noted that operating expenses were higher last year due to hiring a tax consultant for advice in handling the proceeds of the suit.  M. Novack moved and B. Tassie seconded the approval of the treasurer’s report.  A. Richardson reported that he has asked for an extension for filing a form 990 with the state.  It is now due May 15, 2018.

By-Laws:  M. Novack completed the 8th draft and submitted a hard copy to G. Colbert.  As Bev Hiramatsu is on vacation until the day after Thanksgiving, she has not yet received this for her perusal. M. Novack will send it to her when she returns.

Strategic Plans:  C. Turner reported that B. Bourke has been compiling data from the TMDL dated 2008 to 2010.  The data testing shows that most of our “pollution” is coming from the City and County storm drains. Some water quality tests taken in May of 2017 near the center of the lake and at the makai end of the lake, in the stream going towards ocean, show that the water is cleaner now than it was in 2010.  When Bourke’s report is finished, a condensed version of it will be posted on our website.  M. Compton suggested we have a letter ready to hand out to people who are sweeping, pouring, blowing, or washing anything down our storm drains.  Many people are unaware that this all ends up in the lake and subsequently in the ocean.

New Business:  Board of Directors officers for 2018 was discussed. Most agreed to stay in their positions. G. Colbert as president, M. Novack as 1st vice-president, G. Gustavson as treasurer with help from A. Richardson, J. Fernie as secretary, S. Oshiro as lake security and maintenance with help from Mike Compton, and M. Compton as community relations.  S. Harding is the head of the dredging project and will be approached to take the role of second vice-president. G. Gustavson moved to accept the slate and it was seconded by A. Richardson.  The motion passed.  C. Turner suggested we invite KNB members out for a trip around the lake.  It would help them to understand the problems of keeping the lake clean and the need to open the lake and stream to the sea on a monthly basis.  Our annual Christmas Flotilla will be on Sunday, December 17.  All watercraft should meet at 5:30 in the middle of the lake.  Contact person is S. Oshiro.  Notices of this event will be sent out by C. Turner.  The two floating berms have been ordered and will ship from Florida on November 22.  They will be delivered to C. Turner.

Lake Maintenance and Health:  S. Oshiro reported on the very successful lake cleanup of November 10.  About 45 Kailua High School students from the soccer team spent 4 hours on the project and collected around 50 bags of trash.  Thank you to Shannon for organizing this effort. He is also helping to find someone who could do a scheduled monthly cleanup.  G. Colbert reported that Tyler of the Roads Division (who reports to Ross Sasamura), had scheduled an opening of the berm for Monday, November 6th. As the lake is quite high, and the tides were favorable, this was a perfect time for a good exchange. However, it was postponed because the Army Corps of Engineers wanted to observe the procedure and were unable to be there on the 6th. An opening did take place on November 20th.  An observer from the Army Corps was there prior to the opening, and DOH took water samples in the opening area and the adjacent bay area.  The outflow was vigorous, but the wind and waves were strong and the opening was closed early on November 22nd.  Bob Bourke estimated that there was an outflow of 30% and inflow 12% of the lake/stream volume based on lake height levels taken before, during and after the opening by C. Turner. This will be the last scheduled opening allowed until a new permit from the Army Corps to the City is in place. One observation:  we seem to have fewer mosquitos when the lake is higher in salinity.  As proper lake opening times have not been adhered to, it has more fresh water and mosquitos seem more prevalent.

Executive session was called by G. Colbert.

Next Meeting Date:  The next meeting will be on Tuesday, December 12 2017 at 7pm in the A & B meeting room.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:18pm. 


Action List: 11/14/17

17/9-2      S. Oshiro and G. Colbert    Continue quest for permanent lake cleaners.

17/10-1    G. Gustavson    Draft a letter to KS requesting permission to use their land.

17/11-1    M. Novack      Send final draft of By-Laws to Bev Hiramatsu.

17/11-2    C. Turner         Notify lake dwellers of December 17 Christmas Flotilla.