October 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting October 5, 2011

Present: Bob Bourke, Clem Clemmer, Cindy Turner, Kelly Adams, Glenn Magyar, Franklin Denis
Absent: Frank Schumann, Bob Sanders, Sue Alden, Karla Maosi, Kelo Maosi, Steve Brennan, Rod Castanha,Bob Sanders
Guest: Linda Paul Esq.

With proxies from Bob Sanders, Darren Rogers, Sue Alden and Steve Brennan, a quorum was declared and the meeting called to order at 7:05pm

Linda Paul provided an update on progress in the Delta Construction case. There was discussion about where we will proceed from here.

Approval of Minutes Amended copies of the September 8, 2011 minutes were circulated. Bob had provided several additions and changes to the minutes. There was a motion (Kelly) and a second (Glenn) to accept the minutes as amended. The motion passed.

Financial Report Margie reports that we currently have $30,000 in the checking account with balance due to Pono Pacific reflected, $32,000 in savings and a $20,000 CD. We currently have 173 paid fees.

Margie and Darren prepared a tentative budget. Darren was away but Cindy read a note from him explaining the need to cut some items from the budget to cover current expenditures for algae removal and attorney costs. After much discussion a budget was prepared that did show an operating deficit for this fiscal period of $41,950. There was motion from Kelly to accept the budget with a second from Glenn. The motion passed. Cindy will prepare the budget to present at the annual meeting and Kelly or Darren will present it. The membership will be notified that while an assessment is not planned at present, it may be necessary.

Kathy Kelly sent a report after auditing the financial records for 7/1/10thru 6/30/11. It was noted that the books are in order with three items needing clarification. Bob B will ask Bob S for a receipt for attorney fees from 9/2/10. Bob will also obtain paperwork for the NOAA grant and look into the tax questions. Margie will provide minutes from the board meeting with a motion to purchase the Lake Meter.

Margie will notify insurance carriers of the desire to increase our coverage.

Lake Algae Clean-Up Pono Pacific has completed the clean-up with the removal of 1200 cubic yards of algae. They worked a total of 1707.25 hours on 43 days. Kelly will give a report at the annual meeting on this project.

New ELRA Facebook Page Kelly showed the board the Facebook page which she has designed and will debut at the annual meeting. Cindy will also be an administrator on the account.

City Permit/Berm Openings/Lake Health The berm was opened on schedule and allowed for a fair flushing. Bob shared a letter he sent to Thomas Takeuchi which described the water levels connected with the opening. The opening may have aided in decreasing the algae.

NOAA/Mangrove Project report The contract may need to be rewritten to accommodate our tax exempt status.

Amendment and By-law Re-do Sue was absent but reported that she will have the Bylaws ready for the annual meeting.

Security Officer Report No report

Lake Clean Up Report Bob is scheduled to remove sandbags placed in an effort to control sediment run-off during Delta construction.

Annual Meeting Clyde Tamaru will be the guest speaker and discuss the TMDL study. Bob will also ask him to comment on the algae.

We have three volunteers for the two openings on the Board. Bob will ask Frank if he would like to step down as he has not been able to attend meetings. Glenn will contact Pono, Jill and Ikaika to invite them to the dinner.

Community Boards attendance Kelly will attend 10/6/11 and discuss the latest berm opening and coordinating of future openings.

Newsletter None planned at present

Old Business The flow restoration project has been approved and siphoning will begin next summer.

New Business The next board meeting is scheduled for 11/10/11

The meeting was adjourned at 10:17pm

To Do List

  • Glenn-invitations to Pono, Jill and Ikaika, assist Margie with front desk at annual meeting
  • Cindy-dinner invite to Glenn
  • Kelly-present Facebook, budget (or Darren) at annual meeting, Pono Pacific report
  • Bob-board election, receipt from attorney(9-2-10), check on tax status for grant
  • Margie-notify insurance carriers to increase coverage, minutes for Lake meter, dinner reservation info to Rod

Next Meeting:
Thursday November 10, 2011
Cindy’s House 7pm