October 2022 Meeting Minutes

Enchanted Lake Residents Association
Board of Directors

Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Tuesday, 11 October 2022

Present:   G. Colbert, M. Compton, G. Gustavson, C. Jewell, L. Jenks, D. Medeiros, M. Novack, C. Turner, A. Richardson, and D. Young.

Absent: J. Bean, D. Dawson, F. Tannen, and M. Spencer (Administrative Assistant).

The meeting was called to order by D. Young, President at 7:04 pm.  A quorum was declared.

Minutes:  M. Novack stated that the draft Minutes for the August 2022 meeting, that had not been ready for a vote during the September Meeting, were later approved via email.  The draft September Minutes have been circulated by email. There being no corrections or amendments, a motion to approve the September Minutes was made by G. Gustavson and seconded by C. Jewell. D. Medeiros, and A. Richardson abstained since they were not present at the September Meeting The remaining members approved the report unanimously.

Finance: G. Gustavson reported that there are no significant changes in the ELRA finances in September 2022.

The American Savings Bank September end of month balances are $2252 in Savings and $50,700 in Checking.

There were no major expenses during September, other than the Annual Meeting.

G. Colbert made the motion and was seconded by M. Compton to accept the Finance Report as presented. By show of hands, the Finance Report was unanimously accepted, subject to audit.

G. Gustavson extended his thanks to Alan Richardson and Adam Bookatz for their continued support of the ELRA finances.

Proposed “60 Day” Letter: C. Turner led the discussion about what ELRA’s response should be to the continued extensive unpermitted grading taking place on Olomana Heights.

D. Young, President, sent a certified letter on September 21, 2022, to owners ARCUS Secured Loan Fund III LLC, requesting they cease the grading until the required best management practice (BMP) enclosures can be installed to prevent erosion.

The follow-on action will be to send a letter to the owners and developers (info’ing a variety of state and federal agencies), in accordance with the Clean-Water Act, that again requests they comply with the required BMP’s or that ELRA and other Concerned Citizens will pursue legal action.

The proposed letter was reviewed by the Board. G. Colbert made the motion that ELRA agrees to be named as a Concerned Citizen in the letter.  This was seconded by M. Compton.  The Board unanimously approved the motion.


Communications Log: D.Young had shared his log prior to the Meeting.  There was no discussion.

Report from Kailua Neighborhood Board (KNB) Oct 6, 2022:  ELRA Board was represented by L. Jenks and M. Novack via WEBEX.  Meeting was called to order by Bill Hicks, Chairman.

Following the usual reports, the majority of the focus for the Board was a briefing provided by two representatives of the Marine Corps Base, Hawaii, about security fence that is being installed along the Keolu Ridge, separating the Marine Corps Training area (on Bellows Air Force Base) from the Keolu Hills tract.

The motion, concerning major stormwater drain channels, which has direct bearing on ELRA and the Wetlands deferred in the September Meeting, was not raised.

Annual Membership Dinner Meeting, October 15: M. Novack reported it appears that the Board is current with the variety of tasks necessary to produce the Annual Meeting.

There had been considerable coordination done prior to the meeting relating to computers, projectors, etc.

It was agreed to provide flower leis to our guests. Nametag blanks will be provided for attendees to fill out.

The following handouts will be at the Check-in Table:

  • Agenda
  • Annual Report
  • Biographies and Ballots
  • Blank Watercraft Registration Forms

Elections:  The various documents necessary to conduct the election (Ballots and Biographies) are complete.  They will be sent to C. Turner for formatting and copying.

Proxies have been cross-referenced with the Master reference list to be certain that those sending proxies are paid up.  The Check-In table will ensure that those who have voted via proxies do not duplicate their votes by using ballots.  M. Compton will not be at the dinner. His assigned proxies were redirected in writing to D. Young.

Dinner: C. Turner provided the table diagram.  It was agreed that Board Members should try to spread themselves around the tables to talk with the membership.

Signage: The dinner location is in an out of the way location.  It was agreed that a few signs would be good to allow the membership to find the Ballrooms.

10-1 TASK:  Create a few signs to be erected along the road to direct the membership to the Ballrooms** C. Jewell.  COMPLETE

Committee Reports:

Dredging Committee Report:  None

Environment Committee:  L. Jenks has been working with D. Esibill relating to his presentation to the dinner.

Operations Committee: M. Compton reported that the EcoHarvester is under repair for a drive chain. Hugo and he plans to replace it 12 Oct 22.

Security:  It has been a quiet month. Most security boat callouts have been for fishing and boating rule violations. Most fishermen are now aware of and support the catch and release policy. However, there is a boat from 1291 Kalihi St that has repeatedly violated the night time rules for both powerboat speed and lights.  It is unclear if this Zodiac-style boat is or has been registered on the lake. (NOTE: The watercraft has been registered). This is even more troubling because the young men that operate this boat claim to be enlisted in the Coast Guard and should be a good example.

Lake Cleanup:  The 17 September Lake Cleanup resulted in the removal of over 2000 lbs of debris from the lake.   This was the first event where ELRA worked with the Aloha Junkman team. It was a learning experience.  The “volunteers” turned out to be a lot younger than we expected, but there were several parents along with them.  To avoid the perception that ELRA was violating child labor laws and in recognition of the cleanup that the volunteers did, a contribution was given to their Martial Arts Club.

The event was sufficiently successful that it has prompted another request. Cindy and M. Compton are working with a soccer team who would like to clean in Oct or Nov.  Date to be negotiated.

This month M. Compton also worked with Don to help clarify to the insurance agent the controls on access to the lake.

Membership Committee: No Report

Next Meeting Date:  The next Board meeting will take place at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Tuesday, November 8, 2022, at 7pm.  The next KNB meeting will be November 6, 2022, at the Kailua Rec Center, L. Jenks is scheduled to attend.

Adjournment: D. Medeiros moved adjournment, which was seconded by G. Gustavson.   The affirmative vote was unanimous.  The meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted
M. Novack

Tasks from previous months still needing to be completed.

1-3 TASK:  Board member to visit ELRA Members who are in arrears in their assessments ** G. Colbert.

2-1 TASK:  Contact local mountain and motor bike clubs to seek cooperation concerning trails.  Consider writing letter to private owner making them aware of the impact of the trails on down slope homes and Lake. ** Relevant, to be addressed in the future.

8-2 TASK: Determine status of funding for the Syphon Project and write in support of the Project** Yet to be determined

8-3 TASK: Oversee the possible reconditioning of existing ELRA Rafts/Barges** G. Colbert**

8-8 TASK:  Follow-up with Kamehameha Schools with regard to their payment of Maintenance Fees** G. Colbert*

9-3 TASK: Explore the possibility of an alternative dredging company**C. Turner **